Through the Rabbit Hole

Susan walks into a cold, moist room her eyes still purple. She's starting to trust Ghett; they start talking, and laughing. While Valka walks closely behind, listening and occasionally joining in.

“I’m sorry for the way I took you, Susan.” Ghett said, as he went on to explain “But it had to be done, to trigger your power.”

“It is fine, I understand now, and I love it. I mean the feeling, it's extraordinary.” Susan stated.

“Yes it would be at first, that is until the novelties of it wear off," Valka said to Susan, “We have a surprise for you.”

“Really, cool. What would that be?” Susan asked.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise now, if we told you. But you will like it, I promise,” Ghett said “Not long now, almost there. It sits under the suburb of Chatswood.”

Susan got an unsure feeling again in her chest, Ghett notices. “Trust me Susan. It's not going to be like before, it's going to be more pleasant,” he said, to assure her.

“Ok Ghett, I trust you,” she said, smiling softly. “So how much further, is this surprise?”

“Not too much further,” Valka said, as Ghett smiled.

"You might even bump into someone, you know from school perhaps.” Ghett added in, giving Susan, just a little playful nudge, with his extra arm to brighten the mood.

Susan just laughed thinking to herself if she ever going to see us again. Valka picked up on these brainwaves, and the thoughts of Susan, played in his head like a song. “I have a feeling you will see your brother again,” he said. “And it should very soon.”

“Did you just read my mind, Valka?” she uttered.

“He isn't there yet, but he will be shortly. I’d say by night fall he'll be here,” he added.

“You didn’t answer my question,” she protested. “Did you just read my mind?”

“Yes I did. I’m sorry, if it offended you. I’ll do my best, to keep out in the future,” he said, assuring Susan, that he meant no harm. He started explaining how he is still learning to control it. He tells her that slips up sometimes, and can hear what people are thinking. He can also see possibilities of the future.

“I have vivid dreams or visions if you must,” he continued, explaining how he knows I had the gene, was starting to feel the effects of fatigue.

“You mean to tell me, my brother has the gene to?” she interrupted. “What about his girlfriend?”

“Yes, and I believe her name is Lucy, correct?” Valka said, getting to the fine details.

“Yeah,” Susan said, slightly frightened by his accuracy.

“Yes she does to in fact," Valka replied.

"We were also looking for her, the night I took you.” Ghett added in “when I saw you hit your brother and you punched him and zapped him, I knew from then you both it,” he explained how had to report everything he saw to Umbrae, and that he followed Lucy and I as we went exploring into the city. “I was then ordered to capture both you and your brother’s girlfriend.”

“Ok. Thank you for telling me, that makes me feel, a bit better,” she said. “Just one more question?”

“Yes?” Valka said.

“Are they in trouble, and would I be able to help them?” she asked, arching up as her hair started to glow brighter, and stand up.

“Susan, how can I put this?” Valka said trying to keep her calm so she doesn’t lose control. “Yes, if Vince keeps going the way he is going. He will faint from exhaustion. Lucy however, needs to snap in her powers. She is getting there; she’s already unlocked a couple of her abilities. But I fear, if she doesn't do it in time; your father, herself, and Vince, won't live to see sunrise tomorrow.” dipping his head down.

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