Set Back After Set Back

I wake up the next morning hoping last night was all a dream. My eyes stung from the lack of sleep, and sunlight beaming through the cell window, as they circle the small cell. Disappointed, I sit up removing the brown blanket, which kept me somewhat warm through the night. Tired as hell I look over towards, Lucy's cell. She’s gone. I hear footsteps coming downstairs.

Moments later two guards stopped in front of my cell. “Vince Galengino, your bail has been paid. Come to the front desk, to sign out. There’s also a bus waiting outside on Campbell and Riley Street to take you to the Evac camp in Dubbo.” One of the guards said, as he opened my cell.

“What about Lucy where is she?” I said, waking Dad from his slumber.

“Just go Vince!” Dad shouted at me.

I stepped out of my cell and slowly dragged my feet as I walked between the guards to the ground floor of the police station. As I climbed the stairs I could hear Lucy shouting, then I could hear Commissioner Cutter shouting back at her. Then I heard Lucy crying, I started hearing other noises to, noises like birds chirping, and footsteps that were not our own. I was looking around seeing where they came from. However, I could find a single bird or person apart from the constables that have taken me from my cell.

An officer at the front desk hands me a piece of paper and says, “Sign there please.” Pointing to the line on the document where he drew an X to mark where he wanted me to sign. I sign the release document and the officer hands me back my phone chip. I insert back inside the back of my neck, and switch on the system, by holding in my right temporal lobe. “Ok bus is outside if you do not get on it you'll be charged, understood?”

“Perfectly clear,” I said as I figured away around this, little problem.

“Ok you’re free to go.” He said with a kind smile. “You’re lucky kid, not many people get let go so easily for breaking in use this chance wisely.”

“I will,” I replied as walked for the front door. “Just one more thing I have to ask though, where’s my girlfriend?”

“The young girl with a temper?” he replied. “She’s being held for further questioning, and besides that she hit a police officer last night.”

“No offence Sir, but Lucy isn’t always this hot headed. She must have had a fairly good reason to hit an officer,” I replied “Can I please speak to her before I go?”

“Sorry kid, no can do, we don’t want you altering her story.” He said back.

“Her story is the same as mine; I just want to tell her I love her.” I said.

“I’ll pass on the message myself.” He replied.

“Thanks,” I said, as I turned putting my hand on the front door and walking out onto the street.

To make it look like I’m heading for the bus I head right after exiting the station and head towards Campbell Street. I see the bus it was about eight metres long painted white, blue and yellow waiting on the corner. The bus driver was in police uniform and asleep so I kept walking down along Riley Street past the bus, to Reservoir Street where I detoured my way back to Oxford Street via Crown Street out of the view of any police officer.

I walk around for twenty to thirty minutes, until I realised I had free run to these streets. There was not a glider or single person in sight. I was alone. I started to wonder what the big deal was as I looked for Craig's glider. If they are evacuating the city, then why did they arrest us for breaking and entering? Something is not right, but I'm going to stick to my original plan I the glider out the front of the Supercheap Auto, with the keys inside. I turn the key to hear it ask for a security code. “Damn, where's Lucy when I need her.” I said aloud.

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