The Perils of Fatigue

“Vince, I can’t go invisible again,” Lucy screamed at me. I grabbed her arms and looked into her eyes, as bullets hit the plane that we were using for cover.

“You can Lucy,” I said as, Dad sat curled up against the body of the plane, under the broken wing for protection. “Just remember how you felt when you first went invisible.”

“Vince, you’re going to have to stop them by yourself,” he said, “Lucy you have got to keep trying, I guess open up your mind a bit more ok?”

“Yes, Mr G,” Lucy said trying to keep calm

“Vince, can you distract them while Lucy keeps trying?” Dad asked trying to keep, Lucy from a panic attack.

“Yes Dad, I’m on it,” I said as I flew in to the air.

The army's line of fire followed me, as I flew through the air. Bullets shells hit the ground, making the sound of a bag of loose change spilling out over the counter. I landed with a dull thud in front of a tank; the metallic clinking of bullets as they were sent ricocheting from my body rang loudly in my ears.I grab a hold of the barrel of the tank, and start swinging it around my head. I throw the tank towards a skyscraper in the north, causing the tank to explode and causing a massive hole in the side of the building. Three F452's, equipped with heat seeker missiles, and cloaking abilities, came out of cloaking and were hovering over Hyde Park. A pilot fires a missile down towards me, but I jump in to the air and kick the missile back towards the jet. The pilot moves the F452 just in time evading the missile.

“I just heard news, on the P.M, sir,” I heard a solider say, with my supersonic hearing.

“And what's that?” his ranking officer asked.

“Apparently, a ransom note was found on her car two hours ago. It read; if you want the Prime Minister alive, surrender,” He replied. “There's some speculation going around, that a mutant kidnapped her from parliament house.”

“That’s ridiculous, let alone impossible,” He shouted as they fired.

“Sorry to contradict, but is it really?” He asked, throwing a grenade towards the wrecked plane. “I mean, some mutants can teleport. How far they can teleport at once is still a mystery.”

“Yeah I heard, about that,” another solider pipped up, “I heard, one once teleported to Hobart and cause a ruckus down there.”

“I did it!” I heard Lucy shout, “I may not be invisible Vince, but I have a force field." As I turned to look at her, I noticed a purplish blue bubble moving towards me, but I couldn’t see her at all. I shouted back to her, “Lucy, I think you are invisible.” The grenade that was thrown by the solider hit, Lucy’s bubble; and then bounced up into the air, and bursting with a loud explosion. Fragments fell down around, Lucy as she walked closer towards me, and enclosing me in her force field.

I started to feel weak; I was losing energy and fast. My legs began to feel rubbery, my eyes started to sting. I couldn't see a thing. My white hair was returning to black; my body was returning to its normal state. How could this be? Only two minutes ago, I was invincible. Now I’ve become nothing more than a standard human. Was she my weakness? Could she be the only one who could stop me, if by some chance I went haywire?

“Lucy,” I shouted, sounding like I was in agony “Your force field, I think it's weakening me.”

“Really,” She replied, slightly shocked and worried, “But how, Vince?” I didn’t know that I was only growing tired. It was my first time using my powers and I had over done myself. It had nothing to do with Lucy at all. “I don’t know. Move away from me, and I’ll see if I can regain my strength.” I said to her, falling to my hands and knees.

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