On the Way Back

I still couldn't believe, that in the heat of a battle I ran out of energy, and that Lucy gave me some hers and didn’t even know she did it. However, she didn’t give me much, just enough to get out of Hyde Park, and away from the military. “Vince, are you ok?” Susan asked, noticing me starting to decline in altitude. “Do you need to rest?”

“I'm fine,” I shouted. “Let's just get back to, Indino.” I knew I couldn't keep going much longer. Carrying Dad and Lucy, but I couldn't let them know that.

“Vince, if you’re losing energy, I recommend you land.” Dad said.

“Fine,” I scoffed, noticing the other side of harbour bridge is only about five kilometres away, “I’ll land the other side of the bridge,” flying faster.

“We should also wait for, Jenny,” Lucy insisted.

“I agree. I’ll head back, and see where they are.” Susan said, taking off in their direction.

I land down on the north side of the bridge, letting go of Dad and Lucy, as we begin to walk. “I can't believe, Susan can fly to,” said Lucy.

“Vince, let’s find some cover, until Susan gets back,” Dad said, as he started walking in North easterly direction.

“Wrong way, Dad,” I said, making my way north-west.

“Ok Vince, well you lead the way.” Dad replied.

“There should be an underground car park, that we can hide in,” I said, “I saw one when I came to get you guys, there shouldn't be any military that area.”

“Vince, that's a radioactive zone!” Dad shouted, starting to choke. “It's too dangerous.”

“It's ok, Mr G,” Lucy remarked, “I’ll continue to cover us with my force field.”

Lucy encased us with her force field, not only did it help us breathe in the contaminated environment, that we were walking through. It also protected, Dad from the harmful radiation. The radiation itself, made Lucy’s force field stronger. So we trudged on, we would have been walking for at least two hours. I tripped over eight times from fatigue, in that little time. Still no sign of an underground car park anywhere. I turn me head to look behind me, and I see Susan and the other girls. I wave to get their attention; Jenny sees me and proceeds to land. The rest followed almost immediately. As Susan, and Jenny land I hear, Dad shout out. “Quick, guys hide, two mutants coming in at 10 'o clock.”

I notice Susan and the other girls, not even move a muscle. They just stood there, with their eyes squinted, to try and see who it was coming. “Ghett, Valka?” Susan shouted, running towards them. “Wow, glad to see you guys again.”

I say to Dad, whilst looking at Ghett, “Is that the mutant that took her?”

“Yeah, it is,” he replied. “Well I’m pretty sure it is.”

“So why, would she be running towards them?” Lucy asked, in slight confusion.

I watched on, as we hid in a pile of debris, “More to the point, why would she hug the mutant that took her.” I heard Dad say, as I saw her hug Ghett.

“I don't know Dad, but I don’t like it.” I said,

Jenny walked over towards us with the rest of the girls, “Hey Vince, Lucy, its ok. You guys can come out,” She said.

“Are you crazy? There are two mutants over there,” Lucy shouted, which caught the attention of the approaching mutants.

“Is that Vince?” Ghett asked Susan, Looking directly at me.

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