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Wei Ying's destroyed heart (Complete) Edited by Belladonna01234
Wei Ying's destroyed heart ( Belladonna01234
I changed what happened at the temple .... so yes ... bad guy wins and Wei Ying looses .... everything. Wei Ying is thrown away not just by everyone he has ever known...
From The Dark | Peter Parker x OC ✔️ by spideybparker
From The Dark | Peter Parker x ˗ˏˋ 𝐑 ˎˊ˗
"...I've always wanted a strange teenager to show up at my doorstep, half dead. I - what's your name again, kid?" "Adelaide," she answered, feeling a...
Into the Light | Peter Parker x OC by spideybparker
Into the Light | Peter Parker x OCby ˗ˏˋ 𝐑 ˎˊ˗
"Ada, you're my whole world. There's no life worth living for me without you." "I feel the same way." ...
Till Death Do Us Part by tejranxeuphoria
Till Death Do Us Partby tejranxeuphoria
'Tis the season to be merry but is it? Devastation, heartbreak and love -a short story.
Space Bender by tomka151
Space Benderby tomka151
The MC wakes up after an accident and somehow has unnatural powers. Is it an after-effect? Follow him as he progresses
Hogwarts: The Final Battle - BOOK 7 (A Harry Potter Fanfic) by LupinsWerewolf
Hogwarts: The Final Battle - Molls
Molly Black is on the run. Voldemort is at his strongest, Dumbledore is dead, and Severus Snape, the man she had grown to trust, was a traitor. It is time for the final...
Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me by MusicxXxGuru
Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Hannah
Piper Smithson and Liam Nelson were best friends. That was when they were seven and eight years old. Since moving away from small town Lewisburg , Tennessee , Piper has...
HIS MAID TO HIS WIFE by flawless_ink
HIS MAID TO HIS WIFEby Fahmida Faiza :)
'I was banging my head on the door silently out of despair when the door suddenly opened and I fell onto him with the tray of coffee falling along with me. My head reste...
A Different Type of Love (On Hold) by MysteryWriter524
A Different Type of Love (On Hold)by Mystery Writer
A not so classic love story between two boys in a private christian school. What could possibly go wrong? Art not mine
Pieces Of My Life (Waterloo Road) by elizmturner
Pieces Of My Life (Waterloo Road)by Elizabeth Turner
Charlotte recently moves to Waterloo Road school and quickly becomes friends with her neighbor Denzil Kelly. How will Charlotte react when she realizes Denzil has brough...
Forced To Leave You **Watty Awards 2013** by WonderGirl123
Forced To Leave You **Watty Gigi
Summary: After having a clash with management, Harry is forced to make a heartbreaking decision of his life: Break-Up with the one girl he loves Brianna, or watch her...
The devil's goddess  by rubysunset462
The devil's goddess by rubysunset462
Esther Eclipse was born with the elegant beauty of her goddess mother, Aphrodite. She knew that she was different since she made anyone she saw to fall head over heels i...
Mr. Cat Lover II Hwang In-Yeop by vegetarianbaby
Mr. Cat Lover II Hwang In-Yeopby bxbu
Growing up into a world of being independent with only having cats as your only interaction to the real world, Y/N struggles to meet her ends with reality and meeting so...
A Psycho's Confession by enhle_gatsheni
A Psycho's Confessionby Enhle Mbali
''You drew stars around my scars, now I'm bleeding..'' A book written as way of introspecting ,to correct all the wrongs and to forgive myself. Welcome to my world, a wo...
"New Anew." -「ニューアニュー」| Hololive x FemFriend!Group | by EphelinKyn
"New Anew." -「ニューアニュー」| Hololive Emal Yur
Hololive x FemaleFriend!Group --------------------- Vacant with dullness, a foster father decides to lure his adopted daughter alongside her friends to join his company...
Love of the night sky  *poems* by calixadkins
Love of the night sky *poems*by Cali Adkins
Poems I have written of how I am feelings most of them love poems. a lot of them are short poems
Healing Clover (Black Clover Male Oc)  by Akiri_Bakugo1
Healing Clover (Black Clover Akiri_Bakugo
Ever since I was a child I was treated differently. Why? Because of my magic. It's a type of healing magic. It's also plant magic tho. Not in a harmful way but.. Pleasan...
The Lucky ones by CLmauve
The Lucky onesby CLmauve
A collection of short 7,8, and 9 word stories for each of the lucky numbers.
Game Over, Mario by SkyDrxgxn
Game Over, Marioby Sky Drxgxn
Tired of living in the shadow of his brother, Luigi has finally snapped. All the years of emotional neglect have eventually come to surface. It was too easy to end it al...