Chapter 21 - Like the Superheros of Old

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Like the Superheros of Old

We walked along the hallway of doors that were carved out of the dirt and reinforced with concrete. We walked past one room and I could hear Indino inside, explaining about the Phoenix, to Ashley. “What's the Phoenix? I asked Jenny.

“Where did you hear about that?” she asked, shocked to hear, that I know about it, “Well?”

I raised my eyebrows, and smiled. “Um, super hearing, duh,” I said, sarcastically. “So what is it?”

“Well, basically the Phoenix is really only a myth,” she started to explain. “It's a woman made of flaming gases, with the wings of a bird.”

“No one has ever seen it. But Indino, thinks he knows who it is,” Mel added in.

“Who does he think it’s the, Prime Minister?” I asked, as the ground beneath us started to shake again. This time, it felt stronger. Glass and ceramic objects, that were sitting on shelves fell to the floor, the walls started to crack, it last for about twenty to thirty minutes.

“Since when, does Sydney get earthquakes?” I asked, kind of startled by the magnitude of the tremor.

“Um never, that I know of,” Mel said. “Unless there's a mutant nearby using an earth power, chances of that are pretty slim.”

“Considering finding a mutant with that power, is like finding a diamond ring, buried in the Simpson Desert.” Jenny added

About an hour later or so, of catching up and joking around, Indino came out of the Holoroom and walked up the hallway. When he saw us sitting around the table, he didn’t question us. He just smiled at us, as he grabbed a fire extinguisher from the kitchen wall. “I’ll be back out soon, I just have to put Ashley out,” Indino said.

“What is going, on in there,” I asked, Indino.

“I'll explain soon, Ashley is on fire and I have to put her out,” he replied, as walked back down the hallway “Before she sets this whole place on fire.”

“You guys thinking, what I’m thinking?” I asked the girls.

Jenny and Mel looked at me then looked back down the hallway. Their faces looked puzzled for a moment “If you’re thinking, Ashley is the Phoenix. Then yeah I think I am,” Jenny said.

“That could also explain why, Indino wanted the fire extinguisher, and the tremors,” Mel mentioned.

Yinsing was leading the group, through what used to be the suburb of McGrath’s Hill. When Nemkia and Chindina pulled up in a green army Jeep like glider, Yinsing smiles and he pats their back as if to say well done. Only problem is, Calsit was three to four times the size of the glider. “You bloody ripper guys, get in people” Yinsing ordered them. “I'm sorry Calsit, but you’re going to have to walk mate.”

“That's ok, I understand,” he replied, in his deep tone voice as he started to walk off.

Calsit may look like a monster, that's bigger than two elephants, rolled into one. Nevertheless, he's surprisingly quite placid. The only thing that really makes him tick is the military. He hates them with a passion. If you ever wanted to rattle him up, which I must say is highly inadvisable, is to put a military solider in front of him.

Yinsing took the wheel of the Jeep, and Calsit took off running and jumping. “This should get us there, a bit quicker,” Yinsing said, jokingly. “But we going ditch this, in the vicinity of Crow’s Nest then take the old sewer tunnels to North Sydney.”

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