Chapter 23 - Defeating Umbrae's Most Trusted Servant

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Defeating Umbrae's Most Trusted Servant 

Umbrae was sitting in his throne room, at the bottom of the mutant hive, when suddenly a panting mutant, named Brozepax, came rushing in. Brozepax was rather lanky, and quite tall, with five faces that formed his skull. His thick black body hair, and orangey brown eyes, made him resemble a monkey of some sorts. He fell into a bow at the feet of Umbrae.

Umbrae then stood up and proceeded towards him. Brozepax took to his feet. “I'm afraid I have some bad news, your Majesty,” He said. “It appears that, Indino's loyalties do not lay within, your best interests sir.”

“What are you saying?” Umbrae asked, with mixed thoughts of what he could mean.

“I mean, Indino is planning your death sir,” he blurted out. “I heard from a source, that he is using the male Xenopian to kill you.”

“That's preposterous.” Umbrae shouted. “Who told you this?”

Brozepax paused, slightly frightened, while looking at Umbrae, “Well?” he insisted.

“A mutant in Indino's circle,” Brozepax answered, “I'm sorry sir, but I forget his name.” Umbrae paced around the room, hands behind his back. He stopped and gazed blankly, at Brozepax, who was looking down to moss covered carpet. “When are they planning to attack me?” he asked, before sitting back down, and lighting a cigar. Umbrae, was furious at this news. He never thought, his own younger brother would try and kill him.

“I do not know sir,” he replied, in an insecure tone of voice. “I just know Prince Indino is planning an attack.”

The room went silent for half an hour, Umbrae was shocked to learn Indino, wanted him dead. He knew that if he were to succeed, he would become the king. It wasn’t until the chief of the mutant guards, Geofex walked in, that Umbrae spoke.

“Ah, Geofex, I have been on the receiving end, of some bad news,” he stated, as Geofex fell into a bow at Umbrae's feet. “I’m going to need you raise the security around the throne room, and assassinate my brother Indino. His services will not be needed any longer.”

Geofex saluted Umbrae, with one of his six massive arms, before replying “Yes sir, as you wish.” as he turned to leave. “One more thing sir, I come to tell you that the surface is cleared. The city surface is now ours for the taking.”

“Well that is some good news,” Umbrae said, happily. “Get Yinsing and his assemblage to check it out further.”

Geofex then left through a secret doorway, to the right of Umbrae's throne. The door led to a military installation for Umbrae's guards. Umbrae continued to speak to Brozepax. “I want you to find out more, find when and how he plans to assassinate me. I also don’t want to take any chances, with the new male Xenopian. I want him brought to me immediately, alive.”

“Yes, your majesty,” Brozepax said.

Brozepax then left the throne room, taking a door facing Umbrae's throne. The doorway led to a staircase, illuminated by a few flaming torches. Once he reached the top of the staircase, there was a big blue double door. He opened the door, to the prison chamber. The cries of human girls were echoing throughout the chamber from the prison cells. There would have been at least five thousand girls, in the prison chamber. All were crying, and screaming out words like; let me go, help me, or please don’t hurt me. The chamber was dark, and stunk like rotting meat and cheese, with only a few lit torches to light the pathway. Brozepax kept walking, ignoring the pleading cries, of the young teenage girls in the mutant custody. A mutant guard hit the cell of a young girl, instructing her to keep quiet. She had shortish red hair and green eyes. She would have been no older then thirteen. This didn’t seem to bother the cold-hearted Brozepax, as he made his way through to the chambers exit.

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