Someone Is Here

I guess it would have been about four, or five hours later on Thursday morning. We were woken by Indino, and he was not impressed at all. In fact, he was furious over Lucy and I sleeping together, he was going on about it being inappropriate, cause of our age. We spent half an hour trying to convince him nothing happened. “Why, do you think your here and not the facility, Vince?” He asked me.

“I don’t know, but I swear nothing happened between us,” I said, trying to reassure him, but it wasn’t working. Even our Mothers had to put their two cents in. “You know the laws Vince,” my mother said. “You can't do things like that with Lucy, until you guys hit twenty-one.”

“I know Mum, but nothing happened, gosh,” I grunted as I overheard Lucy, tell her Mum that reason why were together last is because she was terrified she was going to lose me to Umbrae. Her mother sympathised for her she knew what it like to lose someone you love, and she knew we loved each other. Mum knew it to, but soon everyone calmed down.

Ashley, Ghett and Valka came of the rooms, after being woken by the disturbance. Lucy was not happy, she walked straight up to Ashley, demanding she change the laws, so teenage couples can have some sort of intimacy. However, Ashley looked her and shook her head. “I can't just change it, I'm sorry,” she explained. “It has to go through a vote in the House of Representatives and the senate.”

Then we heard a knock coming from Indino's front door. Indino ordered Ghett and Valka by his side, as he went to answer the door. He ordered us to hide in my room till further notice. When he answered the door Umbrae was standing there with Yinsing in chains and Brozepax's deceased body. He was boiling with rage.

He grabbed Valka by his throat, “YOU! How did I know, I’d find you here,” he then slammed him into the wall, staring menacingly through him. “My only son, heir to my throne, is even one the traitors, that is against me,” He looked at Indino, as he sent me another message telepathically “It's time, I hope you’re ready, quickly, leave the rest there,” the words flooded into my mind.

He then dropped Valka, “I'll deal with you later, guards take him to the cells,” he snarled, he went for Indino “Where is he? You traitor!” he ran at Indino, as I teleported out, making sure everyone knew to stay back. We were still waiting to hear from Susan. Ashley, and Sally, was encouraging Lucy stay and, that we follow Indino's order. Mum in particular telling me to be careful but they all knew, there was a reason for this. I kissed Lucy, and told her I loved her, and even wiped the tear from her left eye, as I disappeared. I just did not expect appearing in front of Umbrae, who quickly grappled me by my shirt, as Valka was taken away by the guards with Yinsing, and Brozepax's decaying body away.

Yes, a window, I smiled at him, as I teleport him away from everyone. He let me go, to shield his eyes from the bright sunlight. I don’t think he has seen the sun his whole life. He squinted, staring at me with his red eyes full of anger. His form started to change; I took this, as an opportunity to attack. I flew at him with my hands, clenched into a ball. I hit him so hard that, he spun around in a circle.

Indino told Ghett, to gather the rest of the Xenopians. Ghett left immediately, Indino told Mum and Lucy that I have gone with Umbrae somewhere unknown, as Susan came in from the facility. Susan panicked and tried to rush to my aid, but Mum stopped her by weakening her, with her ability. Mum tried to explain to her it's safer to stay here, but Susan screamed at Mum, “No! He needs backup you haven’t seen Umbrae, Mum.”

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