Power Can Corrupt a Fragile Mind

Craig followed Indino down through the so-called kitchen, of the establishment, into his little experimentation room. He ordered Craig to sit at one of the stools that sat either side his desk. Indino started explaining what was going on, while giving him a shot of adrenalin.

Craig reacted to the shot straight away, his body started going into spasms on the floor. His skin started turning red, his brown eyes also went red. His hair went fluoro orange like fire. His muscle make up increased dramatically. Indino tried to tie him down, but Craig's new superhuman strength allowed him to keep his arms free.

Craig's life started to flash before his eyes. The words of his drunken, abusive stepfather, is all he could hear in his head. All the times he had endure the black eyes and bruised ribs, watching his mother, be beaten to a pulp for no reason at all. This made him so angry. So angry in fact, his Xeno mode started to feed off it. Then he got worse. He started screaming and shouting, “Get out of my head! You’re not my father, leave her alone,” he then began to throw himself around the room. Indino tried to inject into him a sedative, but it only aggravated him more to the point, Craig took off through the roof just like, I first did.

Indino shakes his head, before leaving the room. Upon leaving the room, Sally ran over towards him and asked him, “What just happened? Is he ok?”

“Your husband is gone, I'm sorry,” he replied, but he continued to reassure her, by putting his hand on her shoulder. “But I'm about to get Vince and Lucy to go find him as a training exercise.”

He then walked up the corridor to the Holoroom and shut down the hologram that we were using “Vince, Lucy?” he called out into this huge room that was now dark as night. “I am in need of your assistance.”


“What is it Indino?” I asked curiously, I could hear Susan complaining, as I made my way to Indino over with Lucy.

“I want you two to go to the surface,” He then paused for a moment, looking at Lucy. “I need you to find your, father.”

“What happened to him?” Lucy asked, hand covering her mouth.

“Vince from your experience; where would he, most likely go?” Indino asked, now looking at me.

“I don’t know, for me it was family and the girl I love that now stands beside me.” I said unreassuringly. Then I remembered. “Lucy your, Nan's house is in Balmain right? You think he could have gone there?”

“It's possible,” she replied.

“Consider this, like a training exercise,” He said. “Go find him, and do whatever you think is necessary. Just be careful, if I lose you, Vince, the country and the rest of the world will be at the mercy of Umbrae.”

“Don't worry Indino, we will return,” I reassured him, as we left. “Should we bring Susan to?”

“No she's needed here with me, to assist with your mothers,” He said, as Susan started to walk over.

“Anything about him, we should know?” I asked.

“Yes, he is Xeno mode, and he has the same sort of powers as you, Vince,” He said, as we started to walk out. “Come with me quickly,”

We headed to the room, where he busted through the roof. The room was a mess, more of broken glass vials, upturned furniture and debris were scattered all over the floor. “He did the same thing as you did, he busted through the roof,” He said. “Except; he left a bigger mess.”

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