Training Day

I awoke, surprised to find, Lucy sitting on my lap with her legs either side of me. “Wake up sleepy head,” She said, shaking me softly.

“What day is it?” I asked, slightly disoriented while rubbing my eyes.

“Friday, 19th of December,” She joked. “It's Wednesday, hurry we start our training today.”

I jumped out of bed, and before I got into the mist shower, which was attached to my room. Lucy stopped me before I got to the bathroom door. “Aren't you excited?” she asked.

“Yeah I am, but I smell I need a shower,” I protested, I think I was more hesitant then anything. I just didn’t want to pass out again, in front of everyone. “I just don’t want to pass out again.”

“Well don’t worry about a shower, Indino wants you right now,” She exclaimed. “Everyone is excited to see what you actually do. I want to see what you can do.”

I sighed as I walked out of my room, I really felt like I had no control over this situation. As if, someone had got into my head, and was controlling my every thought and action. I looked at Lucy, who was standing in corner of the room, chuckling to herself. “I knew it,” I shouted, “You're manipulating my mind.”

“No I’m not, I swear,” She lied. I could tell she was lying, by the way she moved her eyes. “Ok, maybe I am just a little bit, but only doing it, to hurry you up.”

I moved towards the dining room, where Susan was sitting with, Ashley, Jenny, Mel, Tori, Heidi, Vanessa and Zoe. Indino was pacing around the table. “Finally you're up,” He said, looking at me.

“What time is it?” I asked, still feeling sleepy.

“Six, fourteen am,” he replied.

“That's way too early,” I complained, yawning as I sat down.

“We have a lot, to cover today,” he informed us.

My stomach rumbled loudly, and everyone looked at me, with eyes open wide. “What?” I said, “I’m hungry.” Lucy looks up smiling at me, with her gorgeous brown eyes, moving her hair, out of her face. The other girls all laughed.

“Do want me to conjure something for you?” She asked, “I learnt this last night when I got hungry.”

“Please I’m starving,” I said, holding my stomach.

“Well, want do you want silly? She laughed.

'”Bacon and eggs, please,” I answered.

She closed her eyes, and held her hand out over table. Greenish orbs started to rush out over the table, and materialised into two plates, one being full of bacon, and the other with eggs. “Well there you go guys,” She said “Dig in.” She then pushed the plates to the centre, of the table and then conjured more plates for us, to eat from and shared them around. We started eating, as Indino started to explain what exactly, he plans for us to today.

“Vince, I want you to go with Jenny, and Mel to the Holoroom, down the back. Lucy your with Zoe and Tori, going back to the facility, Susan your with Heidi and Vanessa, also going back to the facility.” He said, “Ashley, you’re with me.”

“Can't Vince and I train together?” Lucy asked, sounding rather jealous.

“No, I need you both, to be able concentrate,” he replied quickly.

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