Not Human, Xenopian

As Susan, is taken out of Indino’s house, by Ghett and Valka, through the door at the end of the hallway. As Indino, covers up the information collected from the Ashley and Susan cases. He then walks over to the door and slides it, open to find Yinsing and myself standing there.

The look on my face, as I glanced towards Indino was enough to want to kill him. Angry and showing no fear towards him, I shouted at him, “Have you seen my sister?” He simply, just waved his hand and my mouth disappeared.

Trying to speak, I make inaudible mumbling noises; as he says to me, “Stay quiet, and you will see your sister again.” He looks Yinsing before saying, “Why did you bring me this male?”

Yinsing bows his head before replying, “I'm sorry sir, but this male is different from other males. I suspect he has the gene.”

“Hmm that’s very rare, are you sure?” Indino said as Yinsing nodded.

My body froze as Indino started looking me over. “Hmm interesting,” he said looking in to my eyes. “Do you promise to keep quiet?” I nodded politely, as he waved his hand again; giving me back my mouth. I took in a much-needed deep breath. “What is going on here?” I asked quietly, looking for answers as my anger turned to fear.

“Just sit in there and wait, please,” he said pointing towards the lounge room, as he walked off with Yinsing towards a room to left before the hallway, saying, “You're right about the boy.”

Yinsing and Indino sat at the kitchen table, discussing their options. “So what are you going to do with him?” Yinsing asked, looking a bit surprised. Indino scratched at the thin layer of white hair on his head, as he started to speak, “I’m going to train him. I think he has great potential.”

“What if he is too strong that he can’t be controlled,” Yinsing asked.

“Well that’s a risk that has to be taken, I know he’s strong,” Indino paused for a second and took in a deep breath through his two noses, before continuing. “But how strong I don’t know yet, just give me some time alone with him, I’ll trigger his power.”

“So if he has the gene other males would have it to right?” Yinsing asked

“Yes there would be more, but the gene in males is not as common, as it is in females,” Indino explained. “It would be with great difficulty, to find them all.”

Yinsing, got up out of his seat, and walked to the front entrance; slowly sliding, open the door. “Well, I best be getting back to my post,” he said, Indino nodded as he walked outside with Yinsing. “If I come across any more males with the gene shall I bring them to you, sir?”

“Yes please do.” Indino replied. “But I doubt you will. The city has been evacuated; if you do they will most likely be military or police officers.”

“Very well, till next time Indino.” Yinsing said as he headed south into the distance

Indino walked back inside, and sat opposite me with a dark oak coffee table between us. He looked at me sternly. “Hmm, what’s your name boy?” he asked me sternly.

“I'm Vince, Vince Galengino.” I replied, to his question. “What’s going?”

He stood up and started pacing around the dining room, before he started to speak. “Well Vince, as you may have heard. You’re one of the very few males, that have an evolved gene,” He continued to talk about how; it was caused by the Delta and Epsilon radiation emitted from the explosion of the Hornsby, Piscon nuclear power plant. He started to explain more. “Over the years the Gamma radiation caused deficiencies in the population of northern and central Sydney, creating us. The government couldn’t handle an epidemic like this, so they drove us all underground.”

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