A Rendezvous with Umbrae

The mutant carries a kicking and screaming, Susan to the mutant hive. She bites the mutant, hard on the neck. The taste of his skin was disgusting, but it surprisingly hurt him. He bellowed a woeful cry, dropping Susan instantly. Susan gets up and quickly runs, through the pipes. She cranked, through the dark tunnels, and intersections; not knowing which way to go. She just followed her instincts, trying to lose the mutant, that’s following closely.

The mutant, stands still with, Susan in his line of sight raising his hand in her direction. He pulls her towards him, with his telekinesis, but Susan, grabs on to a ladder, leading up to the surface. “Come here!” The mutant, yelled at her, as she tried to keep her grip, on to the ladder. The mutant kept trying to, putting more effort into pulling her with his mind, but his power, was slowly growing weak.

He starts running towards her, and she starts climbing up the ladder. Trying to open the circular plate, covering the sewer entrance, He grabs her by her leg, pulling her down, just as she opened the metal plate. She fell on to the mutant, spraining her ankle, when she landed. She murmured in pain, as she started to get up. “Just co-operate, and you won’t get hurt,” He snarled at her. As she tried to walk, Susan fell back down, into the fowl water.

“What are you, going to with me?” she cried, sitting waist deep in sewer water, “I'm scared.”

He ignores her question, picking her back up, and running back towards the hive.

A team of six police officers, and three military officers were scanning the pipes, looking for the hive. As they were searching, the mutant comes raging through, knocking them all over like a set bowling pins. However, two soldiers, and three police officers, died from being stomped on, by passing the mutant. “What the hell was that?” A rookie police officer asked, as he regained his balance.

“I don’t know, Bill,” A higher ranked officer replied. “A mutant perhaps, we should follow it.”

“I agree, check your weapons, boys,” A First Lieutenant solider said.

The mutant carrying Susan gets closer to the hive. The closer they got, the fear grew greater inside Susan, “Please just let me go,” She cried, tears streaming down her face. “I have never done anything wrong by you. I've wanted to help you all, from the beginning. Please let me go.”

“Well you're right, about one thing,” the mutant said to Susan in a snarly voice. “You are going to help us, but not how you think.”

“What do you mean?” She said, softly in a timid voice.

The mutant ignored her once again, and ran through the next tunnel, to the east. They were close, not much longer, and they would in King Umbrae's throne room. She could already hear the echo, of an underground civilisation, through the dark tunnels. Pitch black tunnels. As they got closer, the lights started to become visible, and the screams of young girls, who were being held captive, were beginning to become audible.


“Freeze,” said a police officer, shining a bright light on to me, as three other officers, walked over in my direction. He pushed my face into the gliders, open scissor like door. “Under the laws of the Australian government, I'm placing you under arrest. Please keep your hands above your head till instructed by the officers approaching.”

This was just great. This was the last thing, in the world that I needed. Especially, after gaining everything, I need to get Susan back. I do as I'm told not by choice, but for Susan’s sake, I place my hands above my head. The officers come, and cuff my hands my behind my back. Looking over my shoulder at the glider, thinking, what about Lucy, where did she go? I sent her an SMS, “Where are you?” Then I got to one of the police gliders, and to my relief, that's where I found Lucy. “Damn they got you to,” I said disappointed, not at her, but at myself, for allowing this to happen.

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