A Mutants Warning

As Lucy and I, got closer to the city. We noticed a barricade, guarded by fifteen, police officers. A thick black cloud, of smoke appears. As the shrouds settle, the silhouette of a rather large mutant is found standing amongst the smoke. All fifteen officers, are lifted up in to the air, and then thrown with great force in the nearest building. They all died instantly on impact. Two officers were impaled by the exposed iron rods, protruding from the ruined building.

The rain started to sprinkle lightly over the city. We stay hidden inside Craig's glider, with me checking on the area every so often. It was a bit too quiet, the next time I checked. It was dark, no streetlights to light the Sydney central business district “I think it’s clear,” I say to Lucy “stay here, and lock the doors, and keep your head down.”

“Where are you going?” she asked, grabbing me my shirt. “Don’t leave me here alone.”

“It's ok, I'm not going far. I'm just going to the barricade, to check the area properly.” I insisted. “Just wait here; I know what I am doing.”

“Ok but don’t be too long, and be careful.” She said, kissing me before I left.

I slowly opened the glider door; that was parked on the side of the road. I get out slowly trying to look as less, of a threat, as possible. In case, there were any mutants, lurking about. I get to the barricade; I check the time in corner of my eye, its 9:15pm. I check the open sewer entrance, flashing my yellow, Eveready, six-volt torch, down the hole. I hear the sound of bear feet, scratching on the bitumen. I turn around, only to find the large, mutant standing behind me. It grabs me, by my throat, “Wait,” I say, choking. “I'm not here to harm you; I'm only here, to get my sister back.”

“You better leave now, before Umbrae finds you,” The mutant warned me, of the possible danger of running into the King himself, his breath smelling like decaying fruit and petrol.

He pushed me into a building nearby, keeping his firm grip on my throat. The force of the push, felt like he may have broken my rib cage. My first encounter, and I’m so vulnerable, he could kill me if he wanted to. Instead, he continued to warn me, “He won’t be as merciful, as me. As for your sister, she is part of his property, now.”

“No, no, I have to get her back,” I begged him, “Please, if you help me, I’ll help you all, live peacefully.”

He put me down, as he said in deep stern tone. His bad breath, penetrating up my nose made me want to hurl. “Just leave; before I hurt you, this is your final chance.”

“I'm sorry, I can’t. I just can’t leave, without my sister,” I insisted, as I rubbed my neck, to soothe the irritation.

“Well then, I must kill you.” He replied. His right hand grabbed me, by the scruff of my shirt as he raised his left hand, to hit me. In the corner of my eye, I saw Lucy; starting to run towards us, from the glider.

“Vince!” she screamed, gaining the attention of the mutant.

“Lucy, get out of here!” I shouted at her, as the mutant let me go; and started to chase her, down York Street.

Lucy, froze in horror as the enormous mutant, ran towards her. “But,” she said, before I instantly cut her off.

“But nothing, I said get back, run now! I have this under control.” I scream, as the mutant started to lift Lucy, in the air, with his telekinesis. I picked up a chuck of the broken concrete, and threw it at him, to get gain his attention. “Oi, don't you dare touch her,” He turns around, releasing her from his mental grip, and picking me up with his ability. Lucy takes this chance, to hide behind a tree, in the nearby park. “Look, just don’t hurt her, we’ll leave, we’ll leave now,” I begged him, as I floated in front of his face. “Both of us just let us go home.”

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