Chapter 9

An Unusual Visitor

It was midnight and the Prime Minister, Ashley Cosgrave was in her office. She was reading reports on the mutant attacks that targeted the evacuation points. The bright orange glow of her desk lamp, made her shoulder length blonde hair seem to glow, as if it was on fire. As she continued, Alana Fawkes stuck her head through her office door, after knocking three times on the door. “You called for me?” she asked. Ashley looked sharply at Alana, who was also had blonde hair but with a tinge of red, she was sleek and quite tall. “What is the progress report with the evacuation?” asked the Prime Minister. “I've been hearing speculation that many of the evacuation zones have been hit hard.”

“They are taking the last loads of people out of Sydney now,” Alana said, as she fully entered the room, with Secretary of Defence Senator Ross Valkyrie.

“Sydney secondary school was the worst. Reports have come in saying that a group of forty-three mutants attacked the school at about eight o'clock tonight. With a massive fifty six girls were taken from Glebe alone, ageing from ten to seventeen, younger than the usual age of thirteen.” Ross explained further, how the military were powerless.

“What does the coalition have planned to counter this attack?” Ashley asked, Alana as she took a seat in a rose red coloured fabric cushioned chair. Ross sat in a blue chair of similar design.

“We decided the best thing to do now that the city is evacuated is to drop a bomb on the city,” Alana answered, “I held a meeting the other members of CAMA and I we decided for the health and safety of the people a bomb would be suffice to wipe out the altered.”

“If you don't mind me butting in here, I think that's a bit of a harsh call, I'd like to try a super solider program, with one of the captive mutants we could have scientist extract the DNA strand, and that gives them there power and give it the best military soldiers.”

“Sorry, Ross but that sounds too risky to me,” the Prime Minister, replied, brushing her hair out of her face. “The repercussions could result in an army of super soldiers against us.”

“So the bomb?” asked Alana?

“Yes, Alana the bomb,” she replied, as she start to pack up her things to call it a night.

“So what are we to do in the meantime?” Alana asked.

“Go home,” the Prime Minister, replied. “I'm only going to make some final calls, and then leaving to.”

Alana and the Senator left the Prime Minister’s office, while Ashley made a call to Brigadier General Chris Grotto. The phone rang out on the first try. Grotto answered the second time, “Sorry Ashley, I was asleep, he said as he rubbed his eyes. “All is good, Chris,” Ashley said, as she drew a flower on her tablet then rubbed it away. “You have a green light, to drop the Bitriunium bomb on Friday, four days from now. I want the military to do a sweep through the city first, find any stranded civilians first.”

“Yes ma’am,” General Grotto answered.

“That is all Chris, Goodnight.” She said, hanging up the phone.

She then left her office, and walked through the huge lobby of the federal establishment. She then proceeds out in the crispy cold night air, to her, black glider that was sporting two Australian flags, on the bonnet of the car. She opens the door, enters the vehicle and starts the engine. Putting the glider into reverse, she turns around as she's about to back out of the parking lot find a mutant, sitting in the back seat staring at her with disgust, and shaking his head. “We have been watching you, your honour,” the mutant said, rather smug. “We know you’re planning to nuke Sydney; don’t you know we have thousands, of young innocent human girls down there? The super solider program would have been a better option.”

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