Changing History

It was starting to get late, and Indino, was describing to me where the girls, were being held. “Lucy told me, the girls are being held captive,” He was saying to me, “You have to teleport, into a damp room. In the room are were long thin fluorescent tubes of light, that borders the edges of the wall, and ceiling on each floor. The walls are covered in greenish blue moss, because of the damp air. The body of the room has a staircase that, the reaches the high ceiling. There were many floors, like twenty or thirty filled, with guards on high alert.

As Indino, continued to state detailed information, about the prison keeping the Xeno girls. I however, started to dissipate, as I imagined the area. I reappeared slowly, in the prison. I did not have long, I had to find all the girls, and free them quickly. One of the girls yelled out my name. “Vince? It’s me Joanna, you were in my maths class, with Mrs Harper,” she said. I looked at her thoroughly. I could barely recognise her, as she'd beaten by some of the guards. She had blonde hair that was partially dyed black, and her blonde parts were dyed green. She was wearing a black, one-piece, skin tight, latex or vinyl suit. On left hand, side of the suit was a bar code.

“You're Xeno?” I asked her, “That's cool. However, I'm here to break you all out.”

“Really?” she said, excitedly trying not talk, too loudly.

“Yes, but I'm going to need your help,” I whispered. “Indino mentioned, you all had microchips implanted, that prevent you from using your abilities.”

“Yes we do, they are in the back of our necks,” she confirmed. “But if removed the wrong way, it can kill us.”

“It's ok; Indino told me how to remove them. He invented them after all, one he now deeply regrets though,” I assured her, “So just relax, and turn around, I’ve got this.”

She turned her back towards me, as I took out a small toolkit; Indino had given me, before he started explaining the prison. I first took a tiny steel rod that was sharpened at one end. It was more like an oversized pin or like a skewer. “Ok, this is going to hurt a little bit, but it's to turn the microchip off,” I said, as started to break the skin. “Just don’t move whatever you do.”

I hit the button that turned off the device. “Alright, just need to take it out. So tell me what powers have you got?” trying to make conversation, and to keep her calm.

“Ok, and I can manipulate time, and matter. I can also create portals, to other dimensions, and see the future,” she said, as I slid in a syringe to extract the microchip. “I can tell you, you’re going to be remembered for the great things, that you will do.”

As I drew back on the syringe, a small amount of blood came with a tiny little silver half the size of a grain of rice. “How are you feeling now, Jo?” I asked her.

“Yeah, good thank you,” she replied, as I broke the lock on the cell door. This made a noise that caught the attention, of a few mutant guards.

“I just had an idea, that might work,” I said, with high spirits. “You said you could manipulate time, does that mean you could go back in time, help everyone escape?”

“I guess, I could try,” she said, unreassuringly. “I'm still learning how to control and use my powers; I only found I was a Xeno two weeks ago.”

“Ok, do what you can.” I said, giving her permission to proceed.

* * * 17 hours earlier * * *

Before I knew it, I was back in my room with Lucy. I asked what she knew about the Xeno facility, going under attack. She told me that she knew nothing, she looked at me funny, and “you ok?” she asked. I told her I had seen the future, the Xeno girls get kidnapped, and I'm left to fight Umbrae alone. She gasped. “I know nothing, I swear,” she said, looking into my eyes. “I came because, on the way I had a vision of you getting pulverised by Umbrae.”

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