Chapter 18

Dad's Final Word

It felt like ages we were walking, my wet shoes pruning my feet. I could swear I could hear something creeping slowly behind us. I turn to look but find nothing. Susan was lighting the path ahead of us, with her bright pinkish purple electrical glow. Ghett and Valka were guiding her. Lucy walked in front me, but behind Dad. For some reason, she felt safer there. It's kind of funny and cute, that with all her power she is still scared of rats. Again, I heard a sound from behind us, and this time I think even Ghett and Valka heard it, because they turned around just as I did. “Did you guys hear that?” I asked.

“Yeah, I heard it,” Ghett said. “We need to start moving and fast.”

“Why, what is it?” Lucy asked.

Ghett stared at her blankly before speaking “Imagine a rat, that's as long as a semi-trailer.”

Lucy’s jaw dropped to the ground, at the sound of a rat that big, “Ok, let’s get out of here,” she said grabbing my hand. Her force field starts flickering, “Oh great, what great timing. I'm sorry guys, but I have to disengage my force field. I've used way too much energy.”

“I can't wait, until we reach our full potential,” I said. “I will be unstoppable.”

“Now Vince, don’t let this power corrupt you,” Dad said. “You maybe powerful, but that doesn’t mean you can just go do what you want.”

“I know Dad,” I said, acknowledging his wisdom “I have plans on becoming like, a guardian of the city.”

Then again, there was another noise from behind, much louder and closer this time. Whatever it was, it was gaining on us fast. We start jogging, trying to get away. I turn my head to see how far behind it was. I was shocked to see a giant rat, only ten metres behind me. It was so big; it scared me so much I froze with fear. Normally, I wouldn’t be scared of a rat. However, if you saw this one, you'd have to make an exception. It was huge, and I was powerless, and so was Lucy. I froze staring at it. “Ok, giant rat, Six o' clock, gaining fast,” I shouted to Ghett.

“We are not far from the laser gates that protect us from the giant rats.” Valka said.

“If we get our wiggle on, we will all make it,” added Ghett.

“Wait here, I have an idea.” Susan said, storming off towards the giant rat. Lucy went to stop her, but when she grabbed Susan’s hand, she emitted a light jolt, zapping Lucy. “It's ok Lucy, I got this.”

She walked towards the gigantic rat, bluish purple and red sparks shoot from her body. Ghett tried to order her back, but she ignored his efforts. The rat pointed its nose to the air, sniffing out Susan. However, the time Susan could even get close to it, it started charging at her. She started running back towards us. The rat's saliva was dripping from its teeth, as it chased her. “Susan, you're going to have to kill it now.” Valka said.

She looked at me, as I nodded to tell her hurry up. Then as a bright reddish white, and purple flash, came from Susan, Dad ran towards her, into the bright light. When the light was gone, so was the rat. Well, most of it was anyway. When Susan let off her electro bomb, it blew the rat to pieces. A piece of the rat's rib cage had hit Dad, and impaled him in the chest. He died instantly. “No!” she screamed, “Wake up, Daddy.” However, he still laid there as his body became cold and stiff.

“How could you be so careless?” I shouted at her, as she dragged his body. “Wasn't there another ability you could have used to kill it?”

“Vince, I’m still learning my abilities. My body just reacted to the situation it was an accident. If I knew this would have happened, I never would have stood up to it in the first place,"

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