The Breakout

I flew over the city of Sydney, towards the police station. The feeling of being able to fly was awesome, but I was on a mission to get my father and Lucy out there. I flew through the beams of the Sydney harbour bridge, before shooting into the sky like a rocket, while laughing. “I’m actually flying,” I shouted aloud, knowing no one can hear me. I had the hang of it in no time. “This is so much fun.” I felt like superman, and right now the Darlinghurst police, were the enemy. I was going to do whatever it took, to get my Dad and Lucy, out of there.

I landed on the ground, in front of the station with a loud thud breaking the concrete and causing a massive crater in the ground. I swiftly ran towards the front door of the police station, but stopped when I saw my own reflection in the glass doors. I didn’t recognise myself; I noticed that my appearance had changed. My hair was white and it down past my shoulders, compared to the usual short black spiky hair I usually have. In addition, my blue eyes were red, blood red. My muscle tone was also more defined; I was also a foot taller. I wasn’t just a weedy punk kid any more I was built solid, I started to worry if Dad and Lucy were going to recognise me, and if not; are they going to trust me.

I could hear Lucy, screaming out to my Dad for help. I busted into the station, after coming to terms with my new appearance. Two police officers were sitting at the front desk. I walked up to the door, beside the front desk, not even giving the cops a second look and kicked it in. The door was sent hurdling through the station, and splintered when it hit the concrete wall, on the far side of the room. “Hey stop!” they shouted at me, as I walked in. However, I didn’t care I just kept trudging on. “Stop or we will shoot,” they continued, only this time aiming their guns at me, I held my hands up as an officer tried to arrest me, but I caught him off guard and broke his nose. He hit me back but shattered his hand on my jaw. I didn’t feel a thing, in fact I didn’t even move. It was then I realised I must be invulnerable to pain or even death. When the thought of invincibility crossed my mind it made me wonder, am i?

I walked straight up to the biggest officer. “Do it, and see far you get,” I taunted him pushing my head against the barrel of the pistol. He went to pull the trigger, but I pushed him with a single hand. The flow of motion was so quick He was sent flying through the station, hitting his head hard on the concrete; instantly knocking him out cold. The other officer fired two shots both hitting me in the back. I just turned and looked at him, shaking my head. “You did not just do that.”

Then my mother called, I mean can her timing get any better. She could have just waited five more minutes. Nevertheless, I answer as I took the officer by his throat. “Yes, Mum.”

“Where are you? Where’s your sister?” she said, sounding somewhat angry. “Where’s your father? Where’s Lucy? Why haven’t you called?”

“Wait, Mum slow down,” I said, keeping my firm grip on the officer’s throat that just shot at me. “I’m kind of busy; I'm saving Lucy and Dad at the present time. Susan is safe trust me, ok? Oh and by the way, when I see you next you in for a surprise, Well got to go love you, see you soon.” I said before hanging up, and tightened my grip on the officer, who was trying to call for back up. I pushed him through the cement wall, shattering his skull killing him instantly. The blood and brain matter sprayed over my face and the walls. I didn’t mean to kill him, I wanted interrogate him, find out where Commissioner Cutter is. Guess I just don’t know my own strength yet. Another three officers walk out, great. However, I have to find Commissioner Cutter, somehow. I needed the access codes for the cell that contained Lucy and Dad, and only Cutter knows them.

The three officers that walked out started firing their handguns at me, but to their surprise and mine, the bullets didn’t leave a mark. With every shot I took, I could feel my body becoming stronger. I felt invincible, and I was. I ran directly at the biggest officer, and they turn around and started running away, screaming like schoolgirls from a funnel web spider, for back up.

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