The Power Within

Susan awakens in a cell that’s packed like a tin of sardines full of girls sleeping. It was dark, but was lit with small dim fluorescent lights to light the walls around the confinement. Ghett opens up the cell holding Susan. She sits up rubbing her eyes, trying to see in the blackness as the metal gate rattles as its slid open. A few girls woke up from the sound and pleaded to be let go. Ghett ignores their cries as he picks, Susan up over his shoulder “Where are you taking me?” she asked, with an unsure feeling in her chest

A girl clings to Ghett's red torn shirt, but he pushes her off him as a few try to grab the cell door and keep it open. “Get away from the door or be killed, choice is yours,” he yelled at the girls, who then all gave up and started crying.

He walks at a steady pace, along the aisles towards the elevator at the back of the room the establishment, to the top of the mutant city. A guard at the elevator bows respectively as he lets Ghett through. They enter the elevator with the guard. “So Ghett who is this one I feel something strong coming off her,” that guard asked patting him on the shoulder.

“Just a girl I acquired last night, Nemkia,” he replied to the guard dressed in human military uniform. “I suspect she has got the gene,” he continued as he placed Susan on the floor of the elevator and then hit the button for the top floor.

When the doors reopened, Ghett took Susan towards the centre of the city, leaving Nemkia behind. Instead of taking the bridge directly ahead, Ghett decided to go right. They walked past many mutant houses made from wood and corrugated iron. They finally reached a big blue wooden door that Ghett knocked on. They heard a voice from inside, “Who is it?”

“It's Ghett,” he replied with a firm grip on Susan’s shoulder “Is Indino in?”

“What's happening to me?” Susan asked, as her body started to tingle.

Ghett ignored her question, as the mutant continued to wait for an answer from the other one inside the building. “Yeah he is here, but he is busy at the moment,” said the mutant from inside.

“What do mean, he is busy?” Ghett asked, “He told me to be here at this specific time.”

“I don’t know,” the other said. “I just know he is busy.”

“God damn it Valka, I have a girl here for testing. Can you just open the door? ” Ghett ordered.

“Fine,” said Valka as he slid open the huge wooden door. “Come on in.”

“Thank you,” Ghett said as he pushed Susan through the door, before entering himself.

“Just take a seat. Indino will be out soon,” Valka said.

Ghett ordered Susan to sit down, in the red leather upholstered couch in the lounge room of Indino's residence. The two mutants sat, in what appeared to be like a dining room. Ghett was opposite Valka, who was sitting an old oil heater, “He told me to be ready with the girl at this time,” He said in a low tone, that almost a whisper. “What is he doing?”

Valka stared at him before leaning forward with his hands on the table saying, “He is with his granddaughter.”

“Granddaughter,” Ghett said, in his raspy tone, “I didn’t know he had a granddaughter.”

“There’s a reason for that,” replied Valka. “But he has finally found his lost son's daughter.”

“Well I have to get to King Umbrae, with results of four hundred girls by the end of the day, or I'm off to the graveyard.” Ghett said with raise voice, scaring Susan out of her chair.

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