Chapter 4 - Sister, Kidnapped.

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Sister, Kidnapped

I started rinsing the off the dishes, and stacking them in to the dishwasher. I saw Lucy’s name, pop up on my contacts. I answer, by pressing on my temporal lobe, on the right side of my head. “Hey Vince, I need to talk to you, it’s urgent,” She said. “There’s evacuation, going on right now. You need to get your family, out of there now. Meet me at the school, that’s the meeting point for the evacuation.” Just as Lucy finished talking, I heard the glass shatter from my parent’s room.

“Hang on, I just glass breaking,” I said to her. Then I heard, Dad go off his head, and Susan and Mum scream. I ran into the lounge room, to find a three-armed mutant, with four orange glowing, eyes. It stood about five foot, nine inches tall, with dark skin, and brown hair. Terrified, I say to Lucy, “Um babe, I’ll call you back we are already being attacked.”

“Alright, be careful babe, I love you,” She said, before I hung up. The mutant grabs, Susan by her hair, and then ran off with her screaming. “Mum, Dad, you got to listen to me ok, just this once listen to me. Go to the school. I’ll meet you there.” I tell them as I punch in Lucy’s number into the keypad, on the palm of my hand. It starts to ring, and she picks up instantly, “Lucy?” I say

“Yeah babe, I'm here, what's up?” she asked

“I have to go underground,” I said. “I have to get Susan, back.”

“What!” She yelled, nearly popping my eardrum. “They took, Susan? I'm coming with you.”

“No Lucy, I need you meet my parents, at the school, I'm going in alone, I’ll keep you updated, as I progress.” I say, turning to look at Mum and Dad. “I’ll get her back, I promise,”

“More like, you'll go and get yourself killed, don’t be fool a boy.” Dad said.

“I made her promise, Dad; I'm going to keep it!” I shouted at him grabbing food, a torch and other supplies in to my backpack. “I'm going to keep my promise, meet Lucy at the school. Go now!”

I left the house, through the front door. I walked down the street, and found an open gutter drain, on the opposite side of the road. I crossed the road, jumping down in to the drain, turning on my torch to light the eerie darkness. I could still hear, Susan screams, echoing though the drain.

My phone rings again, Lucy. “Where are you, what are you doing? I'm worried about you, baby,” she said.

“It’s ok Lucy, I'm keeping my promise to Susan,” I told her calmly, “I don’t know, what I’ll do, if she’s hurt by them.” I start to get on to my knees, and crawl through the small drainpipe. I was just small enough to fit. It smelt like crap, and the drainpipe under my hands felt slimy. “Just make sure you and our families stay safe,” I added.

“No, Vince, where are you? I'm coming to help you,” She protested, as I could hear Susan’s screams, becoming faint.

“Lucy, I have to go now, while the trail is hot,” I say, trying to get her to stay back, out of harm’s way. “If you really want to help, stay with our families.”

“This is my fight to,” she said. “They took our sister.”

“Lucy, I know, you and Susan are close to, but I love you, way too much, to let you get taken to,” I say arguing the point. “I know you want to come, but it’s only going to put you, in danger to. I'm going to the hive; I’m going to take back Susan, and any other girl there.”

“I still want to come Vince, just let me help you, stop being so stubborn.” She said. She was always, the more courageous one out of the three of us.

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