Freeing the Human Girls

Lucy and I were in a tangled mess of blankets and body limbs, when Indino came in to wake us up. Today, we were to save the girls, and reunite them their families, after being away from them for so long. Most of these girls were presumed to be dead, and gone, and have had funeral services in their honour. The look on their parent’s faces, when they see their daughters again, it’s going to be heart-warming.

We got out of bed, and I went out to the kitchen, while Lucy made our bed. I then met with everyone, in the Holoroom for a banquet breakfast, conjured by a couple the psychic Xenopians. It was already midday. Indino, said he let me sleep in, because I had two late nights in a row, and that I need the energy to save the girls, and to find Umbrae, and stop whatever he is planning to do with the Premier. I hope that that would be enough, to prove to the government, that we are not a threat. Regardless, of what Cutter says. Maybe, they might lock him up, so he leaves me alone. I don’t know it’s probably all just wishful thinking.

I gathered up as many as forty girls, who could help teleport the other girls, to secure area in our school. The area of interest was guarded by; Susan, Jenny, Mel, Tori, Ashley and few other girls, and also Ghett and Valka were there to help them out. Most of the girls, I didn’t get time to know on first name basis. I told them to keep an eye out for friendly military personnel with evacuation choppers, Umbrae, or any other antagonist. I hope that Ashley got through to this, General Grotto. I don’t want to put a damper on things, but let's just say I’ve just recently started getting bad vibes lately.

Indino told me that, to do a teleportation on this scale, no matter how many people the group of one hundred teleporters had. He said I would we all would have to transform into Xeno mode. Geofex got us a window, providing King Umbrae, doesn't make a surprise appearance.

We were all getting ready, preparing ourselves for our part of the mission. I went into my room and took the syringe, from the desk in the left corner from the door. God only knows what could of have happened, if I didn’t remember that. I put it in my back pocket and readied the other girls for the break out we were about to attempt.

A girl named Patricia, she looked to be around twelve, thirteen, with brown hair, glasses, she was pretty I must admit. She came to me crying, she was obviously worried by something, which made my bad vibes get worse. I looked at her with kind eyes and told her, not to let herself worry about it. That is if, we stick to the plan. We were an hour from show time. For this to work, everyone had be at the top of their game, me especially.

After dealing with Patricia, Lucy came over to me. She kissed me on the cheek. “That was really sweet of you baby,” she said. “I remember her, from when I did that drama thing for her class a couple of years ago.”

“You know her?” I asked, slightly shocked. “Wow.”

“Ok, everyone ready?” Indino asked, as Lucy and I had our little moment. I looked up towards him and nodded my head, as I broke the hug I was in with, Lucy.

“Stay safe, ok?” Lucy said to me, as I headed out with my team.

“I’ll be back I promise,” I assured her. “Just be ready to fill me back up, when I get back, ok?” As the group stood together and started to hold hands. We held hands, to share a minuscule of our power amongst us, to get the destination. While Susan’s team, did their duties.

The prison that held the girls was dark, wet and smelt like mould. The prison was lit up, with dim lights down every row. One of the girls screamed when she saw us, thinking we were mutants. One of the girls calmed her down, just as quickly. I recognised the girl from school; she would have been taken about three months ago. Her name was Bianca, she one of those shy, smart, nerdy girls. She recognised me as well which helped keep the rest of girls calm. “Hey Bianca, I'm here to help you guys escape,” I said to her, as she looked at me through her cracked glasses, as I continue to speak, “I need you to take my hand,”

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