The Evacuation of Sydney

At the school, people were getting ready board, the Transport Choppers. They were leaving for Dubbo, a small rural city, out in the boonies, Northwest of Sydney. Apparently, it’s a lot safer there, and unaffected by the dangerous radiation, compared to the heart of Sydney. The Prime Minister; Ashley Cosgrave, broadcasting a message to our radio applications in our phones, Anti mutant groups were also posting the same message, on the social networks, only minutes later. “To all the citizens of, Sydney, after growing up in Parramatta, it brings me great sorrow to announce, the time has come, to leave the city of Sydney, and surrounding areas. I deeply urge you, all to stay calm. Please stay inside your home, until a military, or police officer, come and escort you, to the nearest evacuation site. I have just recently, been told the extent, of the current mutant attacks, that have taken place in the surrounding, habitable suburbs, of south shore Sydney.”

Mum and Dad found themselves a bit of the floor, to sit and evaluate the current situation; as they listen to Ashley, continue her speech. “The mutants are highly dangerous, and can foresee any attack, you may try to endeavour. Grab all necessary items, and any non-perishable food. This is a Code Red situation, anyone unwilling to cooperate, will be arrested by either a military or the local authorities. They have the right, to use brutal force if need be, so I ask all to join forces and do as instructed. Those who have made it out of their homes and to their nearest evacuation sites, please follow instructions, and stay stationary until told to move. We are evacuating the city, so we can end the war with the mutants, for the last time. How we are going to this, is not decided yet. We are currently, in negotiations with the head of military defence, Brigadier General Chris Grotto.”

“Barry, this sounds bad. Vince and Lucy are out there and maybe out there for days to come,” Mum whispered to Dad, as she started to cry. Dad tried to comfort her, by holding her in his arms, but it didn’t seem to work.

“It's ok, he will be fine, and so will Susan,” Dad replied, to Mum, as he softly kissed her cheek. “I just regret, not giving that boy enough credit. He deserves more that. Now I see what Lucy, sees in him. He is definitely courageous, I’ll give him that much. I should call him, and see where he is at.”

“He said he will call us, in the morning. To let us know what’s going on.” Mum said, as she started to whimper more. Tears started to well up, in the pits of her eyes. “I have faith in him. Susan and Vince are very close. I know he wouldn’t let anything happen to her, just as much as he would die for Lucy.”

Dad holds her close, as Mum finally bursts into tears. While trying his best to comfort her, she buries her head into his shoulder. A military officer, standing close by over hears the conversation, as Lucy’s parents walk over to them. “Hey Barry, have you seen Lucy?” her Dad asked, in a worried tone of voice. “I can't seem to find her, anywhere.”

“Yeah mate, I saw her head out, to meet up with Vince,” Dad replied.

“What do you mean; she went to meet up, with Vince? You mean to say, Vince isn't here either?” Craig asked, raising his voice a little. “Where's your daughter, Susan?”

“Pretty much, Susan got taken, just after we had dinner. Vince was adamant he was going to get her back,” Mum said, looking Lucy’s Dad in the eye. “We saw Lucy, as we got in the door. “They’re brave kids, those two.”

“Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that Kelly,” Lucy’s Mum, Sally said.

“That girl better come home.” Her father said, “I know I'm hard on her, but it’s only because I love her.”

“We know you do Craig, but she’s with Vince now, and he would die for her, if it meant saving her,” Dad said. “I'm hard on Vince to, but after tonight, I've realised, just how of a man he really is. Those two are one, in the same, a perfect match for each other.”

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