You Three Aren’t Human

Dusk was setting in, and the evacuation chopper had crashed, due to a technical failure in engine caused by an attack on the mutants. Lucy’s Mum, Sally was only just waking up, and was hurt pretty badly. Her right arm had been broken, along with her left leg and three ribs and she was bleeding internally. Craig, Lucy’s Dad, was also hurt pretty badly. He was barely breathing and he was laying, unconscious in a stretcher. The chopper pilot was dead, and three civilians were considered dead, along with two other military personnel. There were three more civilians but they were also out cold. Four military soldiers came out unscathed.

Mum was ok, well sort of. She had a minor concussion, from hitting her head on the side of the chopper, when it crashed into the ground. They were waiting to be air lifted out, when a military officer notices, something moving in the distance of the scrub.

“Ah, sir, I think I saw something in the bushes over there,” One solider said, pointing in the direction of where he last saw it.

“OK well, go with Duncan, check it out,” The ranking officer said, “I’m going try the radio for help again.”

The two soldiers left, and then part ways. Using their training, they attempted to catch whatever the solider saw off guard. “Radio, if you see anything Duncan.” The ranking officer said, through his walkie-talkie.

“Affirmative,” replied the Corporal.

The ranking officer, went to the burning wreckage of the chopper, and got on to the radio. “Major Benjamin Jones, to base,” he said “do you copy?” scratching at his light brown hair.

“We copy Major, what's your position?” a radio operator replied.

“Twenty-three clicks north-east from Richmond.” the Major replied. “We have wounded, and six dead. We need medical attention and Evac. Over,”

“Copy that. I’m sending out an Evac chopper now, major. Just hang tight; it should be at your position in around 30 minutes. Over,” the voice over the radio replied.

“Rodger that,” he said, before throwing the hand piece down on the table.

Gunshots were heard from a distance, and Corporal Duncan's, voice is heard over the radio. Mrs Graham and Mum's eyes open wide. Sally ran her petite fingers through her blondish grey hair when she heard what was said, “Solider down, I repeat we have solider down. Major Jones, do you copy?” Corporal Duncan Matte said, “There's seven mutants in the area, and the Lieutenant is down.”

“Come back to the chopper, Corporal.” Jones said.

Sally turned to her husband Craig, trying to wake him from his comatose sleep. Mum readies herself for the worse. She sees a mutant in the distance. “Don’t panic, Sally. But I saw a mutant in the distance, not too far off.” she said softly, to Lucy’s Mum.

There were more gunshots as corporal Duncan Matte, made his way back to the chopper, the Major was scratching his head, wondering what he going to do. He orders Duncan to help the injured move to a safer location while remaining military officers prepare to fight and warn of the mutants.

The bushes ruffled, as the group of mutants approached, the wreckage of the chopper. Mrs Graham was trying to sit up, when a mutant got up in her face. Her breath stunk when she breathed out like month old rotting fish. “Where's my daughter,” Mum screamed at her, getting her attention away from Lucy’s Mum, as Sally’s appearance slowly started to change. Her blonde hair went to a light blue. Her green eyes also went into an ocean blue. Her skin also changed, to blue. Her lips went a deep purple, when she had fully transformed. Yinsing, was standing there, he knew something wasn’t right about her. However, he knew he had found another Xenopian, if not another three.

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