A few hours later while, Indino, Valka, and Yinsing, were being held captive, by the Australian Government, Lucy, had woken up from passing out. She had over used, her tracking ability, trying to locate me, after she lost my signal. After trying to pinpoint me, a few more times. She ran over to Susan, who was sleeping in a bunk above mum, in what appeared to be, a warehouse full of Sydney's refugees. “I can't find him, I can’t find Vince,” she yelled at Susan, shaking her to wake her up. “Susan, wake up please, I need your help.” However, Susan still laid there lifelessly sleeping.

A deep, but yet familiar male's voice, boomed from behind her. “Don’t worry Lucille, We'll see other again,” were the words, that rung inside her ears. She turned to see who spoke, but before she could even move, the mysterious male disappeared. Susan then woke up, along with mum and a few others. She saw the look of devastation, painted onto Lucy’s face. When Susan asked her what was up, Lucy was speechless.

In fact, Lucy disintegrated, as she started to search for me. She ended up at our old school. Using her tracking ability, she still couldn’t get a hold of me. She tried for hours, till Susan showed up. “What are you doing?” Susan asked.

“I can't find Vince, Susan,” she said, in a shaky voice. “I can't find him anywhere; I’ve been trying since I lost his signal, around 7:30pm last night.”

Susan, gave Lucy, a friendly hug, “It's ok, I'm sure we'll find him,” she said, as she started to float in the air. “We'll cover more ground if we fly,”

“I don’t even know, if Umbrae found him already, and has killed him,” she told Susan.

“Where was the last place, you saw him go, while using your tracking ability?” Susan asked, getting slightly worried.

“Out towards the ocean, holding a nuke,” Lucy replied.

“Well, that’s where we will start,” Susan suggested.


While in my stasis, I was left to sink to the bottom, of the Tasman Sea, totally unaware of my surroundings. All I could see was blackness; I couldn’t feel or hear anything, in this comatose state. Was oblivious to any of my surroundings, but then while unconscious, my mind slipped into an alternate state. It was peaceful there; it felt like heaven. I could of sworn I had died, when I saw my father.

He walked towards me, slowly. When he came close enough, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “I'm proud of you.”

Then he started to fade away, after lightly shoving in the chest, forcing me to take a step backwards. “Dad, wait!” I shouted, but it was too late, he was gone. I left stuck, in my own thoughts, and dreams. I was left to wonder, if I will ever wake up.


Nemkia, under Umbrae's order, was promoted to head of the mutant guards, for catching, Ghett. They had him locked in stale mould smelling cell, with Heidi and Tori. The new mutant general were given orders to find, Yinsing, and Princes; Indino, and Valka, and bring them home to be put on trial for treason.

Nemkia, and the one-eyed woman, commenced the search, as soon as the order was given, the woman had the ability to trace life signatures just like Lucy, but also cloak a victim’s signature. She put her black hood, over her head as, she shape-shifted into a two eyed, human woman with blonde hair. The pair proceeded towards the Dubbo facility that held Umbrae's most wanted three.

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