Chapter 2 - The Truth Behind The Lies

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The Truth behind the Lies

I answer the phone, by applying pressure, to the right side of my head. Caller ID comes through my contact lenses, which I can access the internet with also. The worst invention, in human history, and all the rich, are fitted these with from birth. Upgrades come as you get older, and technology improves. My phone is a Nokia TH54. This consists of contacts, a power chip, in the back of the neck, an earpiece, and a pressure plate in the right temple lobe, to answer and hang up and a keypad in my left hand. “Why are you, not at school?” Mum asked, in most pestiferous tone of voice, you could imagine. “What are you doing near the City's centre, it’s full of mutants. Is your sister with you?”

“No Mum, Susan is at school, it’s just Lucy and I. We're just doing research for our legal studies assignment.” I lied, keeping to the story, I told Commissioner Cutter, as I jumped into the back seat, and Lucy took the front, as Cutter started the engine of the glider, by putting in an access code.

“We are heading to the cop shop now Mum, everything is fine, please don’t be mad, or worry, we are with a police officer named Commissioner Cutter, we are going to the police station, to see what we can find out for our assignment.”

“Ok Vince, just make sure you're home before dark, And make sure Lucy stays safe.” She said.

“Mum, you know me, I’d protect Lucy, with my own life if need be, she is like a sister to me.” I said to her, somewhat annoyed to think that my own mother, would have the thought I’d let something happen to the girl I love.

“Does she know that?” she asked, in a soft caring voice. “Does she know how you feel about her?” Mum asked excitedly. She loves Lucy, like a daughter of her own. I think if she had it her way, we would already be together. “I think maybe you should let her know Vince, I see the way you both look at each other. She loves you.”

“Really, Mum?” I said shocked, and in disbelief.

“I am a woman, Vince, I know the female psyche, plus its part of my job as a psychiatrist, to be able to read people,” she assured me.

“I just don’t want to tell her, in case it backfires,” I said, still unsure. “You know?”

“Tell who, what?” Lucy butted in.

“Nothing, Lucy,” I said, trying to decoy the question. “Just talking, to my Mum.” as the Commissioner drove the car towards Darlinghurst police station.

She looked at me, through the rear view mirror. “Just tell me, what if what backfires?” she said, getting ideas in her head on how she can make me spill.

“Just don’t worry Lucy, it’s nothing,” I snapped, at her not meaning to, just too confused in my own head, to know what to do. “Sorry for snapping, but I'm just doing what I think I is right at the moment.”

“Does it involve me? If it does, I think I have the right to know.” She said, obviously knowing it was about her, but still not enough to get me, to speak up. I sat quietly, as I kept putting off the decision to tell her.

“Now, is not the time to talk about it, Lucy,” I said, avoiding the conversation. “I'm on the phone to my mother.”

“It’s ok Vince, I’ll let you two talk, ok? Bye, I love you son.” my mother said. “Good luck.”

“Ok Mum, love you to,” I said, as I applied pressure to my right temple to hang up.

“So Vince is there anyone at school, you like?” Lucy said, as she waved her black hair around, and her eyes gazed through me. I could tell what she was doing. Trying to get me to talk, as weak as it makes me feel inside, it’s not going to work that easy.

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