We board the train, holding hands, and sit down talking, waiting for our station. We arrive at Glebe station, about half an hour later, due to mutants messing with the track. We got off and again, scanning our wrists to pay for our fare. "So which way are we going, Vince?" Lucy asked, grabbing my hand. 

"Towards the school, I guess, go pick up Susan?" I said. Thinking in my head the message I want to send Susan. 

"Yeah ok, and then we can go home." she replied.  

Susan got the message, through her eye contacts. "Meet us out at the front gate, when the bell rings," she messaged back, by closing her eyes for a split second, "yeah, ok, I'll be there." 

We start walking down Taylor Street, towards the school, and we hear the bell ring, as we hit the front gate. "Perfect timing," I say looking at Lucy.  

"Yeah aye, lucky for us, so where's Susan?" Lucy asked her showed signs she was tired. 

"She's coming," I replied, as Susan walked slowly towards us. 

"So what happened?" she asked, "What did you guys, do all day?"  

"Nothing much sis," I say, "We got caught by the cops, went to the station and found out some really freaky things."  

"Things like what?" she asked sound concerned.  

"Really bad things, Susan, Military have basically, no chance at gaining any sort of a foothold, over the mutants," Lucy explained.

"I'm hungry, anyone want to take a detour to Subway, on the way?" I said, grabbing on to Lucy's hand as we walked. 

"Honey, can we go to the takeaway shop on Glebe Point Road, instead?" Lucy asked, as Susan spun around, surprised to hear what she heard. "I know it on the other side of home, it is sort of closer." 

"Ok sweetie," I said, not wanting to walk that far, to Subway anyway. 

"Honey, Sweetie? Am I missing something here?" Susan said, with a puzzled look on her face, her voice showed signs, that she was surprised and happy at the same time.  

"Oh, sorry Sis, I almost forgot, we are together now," I said, with a chirpy little smile. 

"Seriously, you two are finally together now?" she said, raising an eyebrow.  

I chuckle a bit "Yeah I know, I'm still trying to wrap my head around myself."  

Lucy kisses my lips, softly. "Yep, and I've never been happier." Lucy said smiling, dancing and swing her arms around.

Later, we get to the takeaway shop, on Glebe Point Road. A deep toned electronic bell sound rings, as we walk inside. I go to the fridge, and grab a bottle of Coke, before proceeding towards the blonde haired woman, walking out off a back room. "Bacon and egg burger, with cheese and barbecue sauce, please," I order, looking at Lucy and Susan. "What do you guys want?"  

"I'm fine bro, seriously," Susan said, shaking her head. 

Lucy walks up beside me putting her arm around me and says, "I'll just have a salad roll, please."  

"Ok, so one salad roll, one 'B and E' burger with cheese, and barbecue sauce, and drinks. That will be 20 dollars, it be ready in about ten minutes." The woman behind the counter said. She looked to be in her mid-thirties, with brown eyes.  

I scanned my wrist, over the shops RF-ID chip reader, and waited to hear the beep. The woman goes behind and starts preparing our meal.

We take a seat outside as we wait, and start talking nonsense; it's already 3:45pm, almost two hours until curfew. "We better head home, once we get our feed, so we are back before curfew." Lucy suggested. 

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