A Deadline to Meet

Ashley paced the room, waiting for her real grandfather, Indino to return. She could hear the voices of two men just outside the room. There was arguing happening between them. She merely opened the door, peeking through the crack, to find the mutant king; King Umbrae, with his huge hand around Indino's throat. “You’re trying to tell me there are males, with the Xenopian gene,” King Umbrae shouted at him. “Why I wasn’t informed of this matter? How long have you known?”

“Please forgive me, not long sir. I only just found, the first known male with the gene,” Indino said. “I was going to inform you, I swear. I just wanted to run some tests on him first. Find out how much different he would be, from the females that have Xenopian gene.”

Umbrae looked sternly at Indino, before loosening his grip on the mutant’s neck. “Well I want to know everything, about him but sundown, understood?” he said. “If I don’t get what I want, it will be the end of you Indino.”

“He busted out to the surface, before I even had a chance to restrain him.” Indino protested, “I have no clue, if he is even coming back.”

“Well you better find him, I've given orders to some of the Xenopian girls, to try and lure him back,” Umbrae suggested.

“I’ll do whatever I can sir, just please have patience,” Indino begged. “I fear he may be out of my control.”

“What do you mean, out of your control?” Umbrae snapped, “You mean, with all your power, you can't freeze him still.”

“I have something to show you,” Indino said, as he walked into the room, where the broken red leather couch laid, smashed on the floor. The broken table, laid snapped in half beside it. Indino pointed up towards the ceiling. “That’s where he busted out.”

The mutant king scratched at his double chin “He must be contained, by sundown. Send Ghett, to report immediately when he arrives.” he said, as he turned towards the door “One more thing Indino,”

“Yes sir?” Indino replied as Valka returned with Ghett.

"I also want you, to round up some other males with the Xenopian gene," Umbrae ordered

“Hello your honour, is everything ok?” Ghett asked.

“Yes Ghett, everything is fine, I was just leaving. Indino, I want a full report on these, Susan and Vince, characters by midnight.” Umbrae said. “That should give you five hours, plenty of time to get things done.”

“Yes sir,” Indino replied, bowing his head in respect. “It shall be done.”

“Valka, I want you to report to me when he is done. Ghett I have no need for you at this present time, the scouts have informed me, that the city has been evacuated.” The mutant king ordered.

“Yes your honour.” Ghett and Valka said, in succession.

“I best be off, remember my orders.” Umbrae said opening the door to the front passageway to Indino's shack, and exiting out.

Once, King Umbrae had left Indino's house. The startled, Ashley that was hiding in the back room, quickly closed the door, as Valka looked over in her direction. “You got company sir?” he asked. “Should we leave?”

“Ah yes, yes, go find that Vince boy, and bring him back to me.” Indino ordered Ghett and Valka.

As Ghett and Valka left, Indino went back into the back room with Ashley. Ashley was sitting in an old wooden chair at Indino's desk. “Who are these two?” she asked, projecting an image of Susan and myself from her mind. “Why are they important, to that other mutant, that you humbly showed respect to?”

“They're two kids, brother and sister who have the gene,” Indino started to explain, “The other mutant, I humbly showed respect to as you put it, is our leader; King Umbrae.”

“So why are they so important to King Umbrae?” she asked.

“Because, those two are so strong, together, at full strength, they scare King Umbrae. He wants to know, what their weaknesses may be, so he can use it against them. Therefore, he can create an army stronger than, the mutants by using the Xenopian girls. That was until now. Now he wants the sons, and he is rather irate about me not finding out about this earlier,” Indino went on, “Now if you could kindly be of some assistance, and pass me the two vials sitting on the table in the next room.”

As Ashley left to go into the next room, the thought of Xenopian army at her disposal ran through her mind. She thought about gaining their trust, becoming their leader and using that against the mutants. A smile washes over her face, this once sweet little girl, now politically corrupt. If she was going to do this, she had to be smart about it. She would have to work for their trust, it was going to be hard; considering her time as P.M has shown that she has had no initiative to help the poor that were sick, or help the poor with education benefits. She would have use the trauma of her kidnapping, to convince the Xenopian population that she's changed. To do that she would have to take down, the king of the mutants, that would not be an easy task. She shook her head, and found the two glass vials sitting on the table and took them back to Indino. “Here you go, here are the vials, you asked for,” Ashley said.

Indino took the two vials off Ashley. He placed one down on the table, and drew some of the contents from a vial labelled Susan, and on to a glass slide, which he then put under a microscope. As he peered through the microscope, he noticed the purple Xenopian gene cells were increasing, to the ratio of red blood cells. He made note of this, and compared it other Xenopian females, before he commenced the examination of my blood, through the microscope. His jaw dropped when he saw the slide shatter.

“What is it?” Ashley asked.

“The gene is defiantly stronger in the males.” he replied in astonishment, taking note; then looking at the blood sample again. This time the Xenopian gene had changed from purple, to bright orangey red. He took away the broken slide, and placed Susan’s sample under the microscope. He looks at the sample of blood again, and notices no change.

“Hmm, interesting,” he said, taking more note, “The female gene, mixed with harlequin, remains passive, while the male gene mixed with testosterone and adrenalin, tends to be agitated and more aggressive.”

“You mean to say, males would naturally be more aggressive?” Ashley asked.

“Precisely, more chances of going rogue.” Indino replied slightly raising his voice. “I must get him contained, and gain his trust.”

“These Xenopians, do they have any weaknesses?” Ashley asked.

“No, not as far as we know,” Indino replied.” However, the elementals are weak to their superior element. As fire is weak against water, water is weak against electricity. There are many types of elementals ranging from fire, water, ice, psychic, electric, grass to ground and metal. It's the all-rounders or shape shifters that you have to really be cautious of. They are ones without a known weakness.”

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