Chapter 32

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I woke up the next morning. Nikki laid cuddled beside me. She was halfway on top of me which was going to make it hard to get up from the bed. I slowly moved sliding from under Nikki's body trying not to wake her. I was able to successfully get out of bed without waking her. I tucked her back into the bed and kissed her on her forehead. I put on a shirt and jeans and quietly crept out of the room. I went to the kitchen. When getting to the kitchen I looked over in the living room to see her roommate sitting on the couch watching TV. She payed no attention to me so I kept going on, ignoring her. I made me a cup of coffee and peeked over at the TV. She was watching the news so I got to get a look to see what was going on. Luckily the cities been pretty quiet. The occasional things were happening, nothing too serious. I finished my cup of coffee and walked over to the front door and opened it. I got a sniff of the air. It smelt like it was going to rain soon. I looked up to see the dark clouds forming in the sky. While standing on the porch a car pulled up.

It just so happened to be my car. A man got out wearing blue, obvious he was a Crib. He jogged up to me and gave me dap. I invited him in the house and he accepted. We didn't go farther then the hallway so Nikki or her roommate doesn't complain. I only let him in because it was getting chilly out there. "So whats up?" I asked.

"Well besides dropping off your car, I got news from T-dog." he said. He appeared to be the same age as me and was mixed with black hair.

"Thanks for that, so whats up?" I asked.

"So theres been a problem, Big Tyron is getting a bit impatient about the whole heist situation."he began.

"Why, whats going on?" I asked.

"He believes that maybe be  best if we do it sooner there will be better results." He continues.

"What! where does he get that prediction?" I asked.

"Theres an opportunity to do it tonight, or wait till Thursday." He started. "But if we do it tonight it will be the best." He went on.

"Why whats tonight?" I asked.

"I don't know man, just listen, if you want to know more, stop by the factory, Big Tyron preferred to answer any more questions you might of had so if you do stop by." He said.

"Hey, yeah sounds good...listen ill be back wait here, ill drive you back." I said. He nodded and I stepped away and walking into Nikki's room. I placed my hand on her shoulder gently waking her. She turned to me and smiled. 

"Hey baby...whats going on?" She asked.

"I need to step out with a friend, thought I should tell you." I said kissing her shoulder up to her neck. 

"Yeah, yeah." she said waving me off. I kissed her on the lips and met up with the guy. We stepped out and got into my car. I started the car but before pulling off I turned to the guy.

"You got an extra gun, I don't have one?" I asked. He nodded and pulled out one. It was a colt M1911. 

"Yeah have this one, Its my spare." he said. I took it and shoved it in my waist band. 

"Can I ask why you have a spare?" I asked.

"Can I ask why Big Tyron is so interested in you and why he picked you for this heist?" He asked back. 

"Well, I didn't exactly ask to do this, I got into some beef with some Reds and did some real damage and now I have to pay for it. Big Tyron just decided to help and got us a bank to rob I guess." I explained. He nodded and turned on the radio. He turned it to some hip hop and we started to drive. "Do you know what they did to Brian?" I asked.

"No I wasn't there, why?" He asked back.

"I want to stop by and check on him is that okay?" I asked. he nodded and I drove to Brian's. I pulled up to his house and I got out while he waited for me in the car. I jogged up to his door and knocked. Juana wasn't there so I imagined things should be easier now. I knocked on the door and waited patiently. The wind began to pick up and it came pretty obvious that it was raining soon. Brian open the door and when he opened the door I expected a bruised up beat man standing in front of me but Brian stood in front of me with not even a scratch on him. "Hey Brian..." I said confused on why Brian wasn't beat up or anything. 

"Hey Junior..." He said back. 

"Hows it going?" I asked.

"Good..." He said back. This conversation was a bit awkward. We didn't say much after that.

"Thats listen I was just checking on you, seeing how you were." I said. 

"Thanks Junior but I'm fine." He said back.

"Okay...well see ya around." I said as I turned and began to walk away. He closed the door and I made my way back to the car. I got inside and looked over at the man who was looking back at me.

"That was some of the most awkward bullshit I've seen in my life man." he said, chuckling in his seat.

"shut up." I said and started the car. He continued to joke, I wasn't mad but at the same time I was. 

"Hey maybe you'd like to go back and ask if you come in and maybe you can suck his dick a little." He said laughing. I chuckled but was quite disgusted. I started the car and drove off. There were couple minutes of silence before he began talking again. "So why are you all over his dick anyway?" He said.

"I need him for this heist." I quickly said.

"Thats it?" He responded.

"What you mean is that it, should there be something else?" I said. I peeked over at him and he sat there thinking.

"Well, I thought you two were close...I mean you make it seem like it." he said.

"I was at once, but...he tried to kill me, I mean am I supposed to just be all friendly with him after that?" I responded.

"No...but the sure didn't look like your were a dick to em a couple minutes back there." He said.

"Yeah...well, I don't know man things are complicated." I said pulling into the factory.

"No dude...your complicated." He said. I pulled into a parking space and stopped the car. "Listen, whatever happens I'm sure you and Brian will be fine, just don't die on this heist." He said before hopping out of the car. He walked off somewhere else while I got out and headed to the trailer where Big Tyron was. I approached the trailer and walked up to the door and knocked on it. T-dog opened the door and moved out of the way giving me the okay to come in. I walked in and turned to see Big Tyron sitting in his seat behind the desk of money and other scattered shit. 

"Junior, glad you could make it." He said and placed his golden AK on the desk and then sat back in his seat. 

"Yeah any time, whatcha need?" I said.

"How ya feeling?" He asked.

"Good thank you." I said.

"Well as you should know by now I want the heist done tonight, Brian said it was up to you. That kid he see's you as one of a role model." He said.

"Yeah, so why tonight?" I asked.

"Well theres multiple reasons, um lets see, well one is because tonight is perfect, security is down and that will give you a great opportunity for you guys to get in and out." He said.

"Sure and what if I say no?" I asked. 

"Well I'm not going to stop you but ill warn you, Reds are getting a bit impatient about this, and want to get paid soon. They even decided to give us an expiration date." he said.

"What, when?" I asked.

"Friday, which will limit you time and chance to get the money if you wait for your wound to fully heal, but again...its up to you." he said leaning back in his chair. I think about it for a little bit. Sure Thursday, the day we were supposed to do this would be better, because I wouldn't have to worry about my injury but Big Tyron has a point about doing it sooner. If the Reds really are being impatient and gave us till Friday then if we mess up Thursday were screwed. I looked back up at Big Tyron.

"Okay, lets do it." I said.

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