Chapter 2

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"James Guerror, goes by the name Vic." The detective said while looking at Vic. We all were cuffed to a table to be interrogated. Your charged with murder, grand theft auto, theft and many more." The detective told James while reading the folder with James background information. He turned the page and read through it quickly. "Would you look at that you've been to jail before" The detective didn't say what it was but we all already knew what it was. A long time ago James used to be a rapper but a girl accused him of sexually assaulting her. James lost the trail and went to jail for a while but was bailed out. Vic stood up and punched the metal table.

"Now that was a lie!" Vic yelled while getting a little hostile.

"Calm down, never said it was true, I'm just reading what it says here." After reading a bit more he chuckled. "You were a rapper James, did not see that coming." He said closing that folder. " I have enough evidence here James to lock you up for a very, very long time." He said grabbing Killur's file. " your a ghost." He said scanning through the text. "Name unknown...blah, blah, blah...Killur hmm wow...that alone makes me want to lock you up." He soon realized that Killur has no background information so he closed the folder. "Well I can at least state the obvious, murder, theft and assault with a fire arm is all they have on you but who knows how much you've done." The dog tags let me know you have some military training so tell me why ruin your life for crime." He said.

"Well sir, I didn't ruin it, and how do you know I'm not a soldier anymore?" Killur said. The detective shrugged. "Well you are right about a few things." Killur said standing up. The officers behind us went from relax to prepared when he did. "I am a ghost...and I'm planning on staying that way." He said. The detective didn't even react to Killur but the officers behind us looked ready to attack if they had to. "And your right about me having military training, in fact not only military I even have special ops training!" Killur said smiling at his accomplishments.

"Congrats "Killur" the detective said really pointing out how Killur is only known by that. "Why you telling me?" He said looking away for a second. In that second Killur lifted his hands revealing he had got out of his handcuffs. The detective looked back just in time to see Killur jump into action as he kicked the one cop, knocking him on the ground before he had a chance to draw his gun. James and I had no way to help him. The other cop drawled his gun and went to shoot Killur but didn't get a chance because Killur grabbed his gun and turned him around using him as a human shield to cover himself from the officer on the ground who had also drawn his gun and had shot at him. The bullets hit the cop Killur was using as a shield. The cop ran out of bullets so killur dropped the dead officer and in the process stole his gun and quickly shot and killed the cop on the ground before he could run.

Killur turned and aimed the gun at the detective. The detective already had his taser out and shot killur with it. Killur fell to the ground and more cops entered the rooms with there guns ready because they herd the gunshots. They soon lowered them and picked up Killur and put handcuffs on him again. Killur was still resisting so more cops had to help restrain him. Me and Vic couldn't do any thing but stand there handcuffed so we stayed quiet and watched. They finally got Killur restraint and put back in the seat and handcuffed to the table. After things calmed down and the two body's were cleaned up the detective stared at us. "Alright! I think that was enough proof to lock you up now Killur." He said reaching for the last file which was mine.

"Real name Junior Ward, code name Turtle." He chuckled. "Why do u go by it cause your slow?" He said turning the page and scanning through it. "Wow...I mean wow, we've got a lot on you so where do I begin?" He said. "Grand theft auto, murder, theft, gang related violence, assault with a baseball bat, I mean come on man there's enough here to lock you up for life." He said turning the page. " Vanilla Unicorn, I herd that's pretty famous, but I'd never expect the owner to be you." He closed the file and put it back and the folded his arms and thought for a while. "Listen here's the deal, its obvious your all already about to be in jail for awhile and if it were up to me you'd already be in jail and not sitting here with me but we know a little more about you guys then what those files tell us." He leaned forward and we all got curious. "Its obvious you've all been in the life of crime for a long, long time, I mean look at you your not the youngest batch of people." He said as he stood up.

"We need something from you, we know you guys know a lot about los Santos and the scum bag criminals that live in it." He paused and then continued. "We need you to just help us by telling us were they are, who they are, and a little about them in return for a couple years off your sentence." He stopped and stared at us waiting for an answer.

" won't get nothing from me." Killur said shaking his head.

"Me neither." Vic said.

"Well what about you Junior?" The detective said as they all stared at me. I didn't answer right away because I didn't know what to do.

"He won't tell you nothing, right Turtle?" Vic said looking at me.

"Turtle!?" Killur said getting worried. I looked at killur and then at James then back at the detective.

"I'll...I'll do it." I whispered.

"What!" Killur said standing up. "Your fucking with me right Turtle!" He said attempting to get closer to me. I didn't know what to say so I looked over at Vic and he had a disappointing expression on his face as he refused to make eye contact with me. I looked over at Killur as he stood there hoping I was joking. I looked up at the detective and he nodded back at me. He then pressed a button on the desk and officers came through the door and began to take Vic and Killur away. "No Turtle, don't do this!" He yelled as they let him off the table and put him back in handcuffs. I looked up at killur before the took him away. Killer got pissed and started going crazy. "Fuck you turtle, how could you do this to us!" He yelled as they began to take him away. They had already got Vic out of the room but they were having trouble with Killur for which he was refusing to let them take him. He got loose from the two cops and ran over to me. I stood up but couldn't do anything for which I was still handcuffed to the table. They grabbed him before he made it over to me causing him to drop to his knees in front of me.

"I'm sorry killur, I have my reasons and I hope you will understand." I said as the picked him up from his knees. He stopped resisting and didn't make eye contact with me as they started to walk him away. He stopped and the officers did to. He looked over his shoulder making eye contact with me and made shivers go down my spine.

"I'm gonna kill you Junior, just wait till I get out." Killer said as the officers shoved him out the room and closed the door behind him. I sat back down and took a deep breath, relieved that I was okay but at the same time ashamed with myself for what I did. The detective sat down to and pulled out a cigarette. Then a small crew of people walked in with briefcases and microphones and laptops. They were there to record me when I explain all the stuff. The detective places his cigarette in the ashtray and leaned forward to me.

"Start when you feel ready Junior." He said.

"I don't know where to begin." I responded.

"How about June 5th 1996...liberty city." He told me. It seemed like these guys know a little more about me then I thought.

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