Chapter 28

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I woke up from the nap I ended up taking after getting bored from TV and everything else. I checked the time and it was around seven o'clock. Nikki was still at work so I thought I'd give her a visit. I got freshened up and got some nice clothes on. I walked out of my apartment and locked it behind me. I hopped in my car and drove to the strip club. I pulled in the parking lot and walked out. I felt as soon as I stepped out of my car, eyes were just glued on me. People wearing red and blue either greeted me, or dissed me as I walked through the hallway leading into the main part of the club. I checked around for Nikki and I couldn't find her in the main part of the club so I assumed that she was in the back. I then decided I was gonna buy me a drink. I walked up the the bar and I felt as everyone around me stared me down. I called Beauty over, the bar tender. "One shot of whiskey." I said handing her the ten bucks it cost for the drink.

"You got it Junior." she said taking my money and trading it for a shot. 

"Is it me or is everyone staring a bit much today?" I asked quickly drinking my shot and leaning on the bar. 

"Pretty much everyone has herd of what you've done, you name might be cleared for the cops but not for the people in here." She said taking my empty shot glass. 

"Would you believe me if I said I was innocent." I said chuckling. 

"Yeah, good try, yet I'm pretty sure everyone saw you, if not herd what happened." she explained.

" I safe in here?" I asked.

"It wasn't that long ago Junior, just be careful who you go around." She said.

"Well! I think you'll be fine, we got your back." a African American man said raising his bottle to me as the group of Cribs did as well. I turned back to Beauty and smiled. She shrugged and I shrugged back. 

"So how you doing?" I asked, examining the club. 

"Good, now that those pigs stopped investigating around here." She said. 

"Hey bar bitch!" some drunk asshole called from down the bar.

"Besides drunk men, fine...Nikki will be on in a couple minutes, good to see you again Junior." She said placing another shot on the counter. "welcome back gift." She said before walking away to attend other customers. I took the shot and made my way to the dancers pool where Peach was finishing up her dance. The music stopped and she did her sexy walk off the platform. Drunk and not drunk men cheered her off the stage as the DJ called out the next performer. 

"Now performing...Nikki!" Announced the DJ as music started up and Nikki revealed herself from behind the curtains. She did a sexy walk to the pole and didn't notice me at first. She made her way to the pole and didn't notice me until she was at it. Her face lit up, she couldn't believe I was there. She did a spin around the pole and kept eye contact with her. I reached in my wallet and pulled out around a hundred dollars in one dollar and five dollar bills. I started out slow with ones and started to toss them at Nikki. She did some more pole dancing and after a couple of minutes of her pole dancing I was down fifty bucks. She then finished up her pole dance and walked up to where I was standing. I held out a twenty dollar bill and let her grab it from my hand. She turned letting me get the full experience. She began to do a dance in front of me and kept her attention on me, whilst dancing for everyone else. I finished tossing whatever what was left in my hand and continued to watch the rest of the show. 

Her show ended and she collected the money people had thrown at her and made her way off the stage. I removed my self from the railing and made my way to where Nikki would exit from the backrooms, hoping shed come see me. On my way over the where she was gonna come out I herd some commotion at the bar. Some guy was yelling, the man was obviously drunk but I couldn't make out what he was saying until I payed a bit more attention. He was yelling at Beauty. I made my way over to see what was the problem. Upon walking up I could get a better understanding of what was going on. "C'mon Bitch! give me more bitch!" he yelled at Beauty. Beauty shook her head. 

"Im afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave, sir." she said as she took the half drank, beer from him. He angrily retaliated by grabbing Beauty on her arm. Before he could do anything I was already there to intervene. I took out my gun and kept it hidden from everyone and drove the barrel of the gun in the mans side. He froze in fear after I did. I acted as if everything was normal as me and the drunk asshole knew different. 

"Okay man, I think we should leave the nice women alone now." I said calmly to the man. He nervously let go of Beauty's arm and kept his hands on the counter. "Okay, good now, lets go outside, you're to drunk, its time to leave." I said grabbing his shoulder with the hand I had free and he nodded his head and walked in front of me. I kept the gun driven in his back and kept it concealed and led him outside. "Wheres your car man?" I said when we made it outside. He pointed to a red car in the parking lot. I thew him away from me in the direction of his car. "Go home asshole!" I said and concealed my gun before anyone saw me with it. Without hesitation the drunk man ran too his car. I made my way back in the club and met up with Beauty. "You good?" I asked leaning back on the counter.

"Nothing I haven't dealt with before, thanks." she said. Beauty looked to be the same age as me. She must have a hard time working here. Everyone treats these girls like shit. The shitty owner doesn't do shit unless its getting him more money. If I owed this place thing would be so different. I hanged by the bar and while I was distracted, a pair of hands covered my eyes. I could tell it was Nikki already, but I let her play her game. 

"Guess who!" she said. 

"Miley Cyrus?" I said joking with her. She laughed and hugged me from behind. She then finally made her way to my front. Beauty handed us a shot for each of us. Since Nikki is a stripper here, she gets drinks for free so it was okay. We tapped our glasses together and took our shots. She then smiled up at me. 

"So what are you doing here?" she asked sitting on a lounge chair as I joined her. 

"What am I not aloud to see my beautiful girlfriend?" I asked.

"Damn right!" Some Crib said taking a seat in front of us with a Stripper he probably rented. She sat on his lap as he held his beer in one hand. He was clearly drunk. I've seen him before at other events but I always see him in the club. "So...your the dude who murdered someone and got away with it?" He said taking another swish of his bottle. I looked over at Nikki as she disappointedly looked away from me. I looked back at the man and ignored his question.

"Do I fucking know you?" I said. 

"What do you mean, I'm a Crib!" He said yelling it throughout the club. Some Reds from the bar yelled back.

"Crib piece of shit, shut the fuck up!" they yelled. I hate to agree with a Red but I couldn't agree more. The drunk man jumped up and drew his gun. He carelessly aimed at the group of Reds. Nikki and I jumped out of our seats. Luckily another Crib who was sober was able to contain his friend here. It broke the mood. Nikki went to get dressed and clock off work as I waited by the bar. 

"Well I'll tell you something Junior...its good to have you back." Beauty said. I smiled at her and thanked her. By then Nikki was meeting back up with me again. I was going to take her home and then head home myself. It was around ten o'clock by the time I made it back to my house. I walked inside, got me some water and headed to bed. 

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