Chapter 5

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I wanted to turn around and just come back later but I kinda wanted to see that girl Nikki so I kept walking closer to the club. I tilted my head toward the ground, hiding my face as I got close to the entrance where that man stood. He wore dark tinted sunglasses and a black shirt that was tight. You could could clearly see he was armed. His nose was clearly broken from where I'd hit him. I approached the door and attempted to walk in but I was stopped by the bouncer. I looked up making eye contact with the man but quickly looked away. He was quiet has he stared at me as if was studying me and then stopped. Not saying anything he pulled out a clipboard with names. It had at least four pages of names on it, some wrote in green, some red, some just in black, some crossed off, checked or scribbled out.

"Name please sir." He said scanning the clipboard. I was quiet wondering if he'd noticed me.

"Name, sir." He said looking up at me then jumping back. "Your, your that one prick!" He said as he dropped the clipboard and shoved me back. I fell to the ground with a thud as some people hanging around the club noticed us and started to make their way over. "You broke my nose!" He said getting closer as he shoved me back down as I tried to get back on my feet. The spectators around us started getting interested as they called others over and others started to record us. Finally I got to my feet and squared up as if I didn't he'd was just gonna keep pushing me. "You also humiliated me on TV!" He said squaring up too.

"Keep it up and I'll do it again!" I said back as I pointed out the variety of people recording us. He relaxed for a second as he looked around. He then reached for his gun and aimed it into the air and shot once. It was loud but it made all the spectators scatter. Some without phones stayed as they wanted to see the fight. He then placed the gun back in its holster and squared up again. "Fair fight this time motherfucker, this doesn't end until one of us is out!" He said as he attempted to sneak attack me by lunging out at me swinging first. I was super focused so I was able to dodge his attack but wasn't fast enough to counter it. He turned and swung again. I wasn't able to dodge it but I was able to block it with my shoulder, it hurt but it was better then my face. He got me to the point where I had to play defense as he continued to punch after punch. I attempted to counter by hitting him in the gut but when I hit it he barely moved and grabbed my arm and through me to the ground. I hit the concrete ground hard and it made the whole world spin.

This gave him the opportunity to hit me in the head a couple times but I was able to refocus and use my legs to push him off me. He fell back and I jumped on him returning the favor by punching him many times in the face too. I hit him so many times he lost a couple teeth. I thought to myself it was enough and let him go and stood up. I began to walk away looking back and seeing him on the ground in pain. I thought I won so I through my hands up to declared victory to tell the small amount of spectators but when I did I heard the sound of him get up slowly. My busted up face hurt and I was too tired to fight anymore so I tuned to tell him to stop. I started to say just give up but was interrupted by his gun pointed at me. I stood there in fear, I was too far from him to do what I did last night so I didn't move, slightly putting my arms up in surrender. The rest of the spectators ran away.

"Fair fight huh?" I said as I continued to stand there trying to find a way out of this situation.

"Shut up! I'm tired of you, its time to end you!" He said looking as if he was really about to kill me. Knowing it was too risky to run but if I didn't move he'd shoot me, there was nothing I could do. As he was about to pull the trigger, screeching of car tires could be heard turning the corner into the club. The car speed up and sped toward the bouncer. The bouncer turned and shot two more rounds, missing the car both times and not leaving him anytime to avoid the car. The car rammed into the bouncer sending him flying across the parking lot. It didn't look as if he was dead but he was definitely extremely injured. He rolled on the ground in pain screaming as he held his ribs as where that's where the hood of the car mainly hit him. The car door opened revealing that it was Kyle in the car. He got out real quick and checked up on me. He inspected my face of the bruises and cuts. He the went over to the injured bouncer and grabbed his gun that fell next to him.

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