Chapter 23

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I woke up that following morning on Juana's bed. Juana laid next to me, nude with the blanket covering most of her body. I sat up and checked the time. It was six in the morning. I got up got dressed and walked to Juana's bathroom. Upon doing so Juana's dad, Mr. Fransto spotted me in the hallway. I noticed him too and he gave me a look but I had no time to see what it was for which I was already in the bathroom. After exiting I rushed back to Juana's room to avoid talking with Mr, or Mrs. Fransto. I walked in and Juana just began to wake up. I walked in and sat on the bed. Just then and there a sharp pain went threw my right arm. I went to hold where it hurt and felt the bandaging. At first I was so confused but when I looked down and saw the bandaging, I remembered I was shot last night. I was fine besides the pain. 

Juana's hand reached around my shoulder and grabbled my chest. She then pulled the rest of her body and pressed it against mine. I didn't look at her at first, but then she placed her head on my shoulder. I looked over and she was smiling at me. "Your already dressed?" She asked. She began to slowly move her hand around massaging my body. I then quickly sat up and escaped her grapple. She looked so confused and sat up as if I startled her. "Whats wrong Junior?" She said, sitting up. 

"We shouldn't be doing this." I said, shaking my head in disappointment. 

"What do you mean? Is it something I did?" Juana said. 

"I, its..." I said struggling to say things without sounding mean. "Its because I slept with you!" I said finally finding the words. She was so confused. 

"Whats wrong with that, I thought it was good." She said. She clearly wasn't understanding the situation. 

"What no, it was good...stop that!" I yelled. She let out a laugh and rolled over on her back exposing her nude body from the blanket. I went to go look away yet I didn't. There just something about Juana's charm that almost attracts you toward her, like a bright light and a bug. 

"Its okay Junior, I understand your worried about, Brian and all, but he doesn't need to know" Said slowly sliding toward me on the bed. I was super confused at this point. She knew what was going on, yet she acts like it isn't a bad thing. She does realize that she just cheated on her boyfriend with his friend. She was acting as if it was nothing, it kinda pissed me off.  I got angry and kinda lost it. 

"Its okay! Its far from okay! Brian has gone through to much, just for his "girlfriend" to be cheating on him!" I yelled. She rolled over back in her stomach. 

"I didn't see you stopping me last night!" She retaliated. 

"Do you even love Brian!" I yelled.

"You want the, I don't love Brian, Im only dating the carbron, to one day hurt him to pay for what you two Madre carbones did to my hermano!" Juana said. I not going to lie, I wasn't proud of what I did then. Ive been regretting that morning still. After that comment about not loving Brian and just trying to get revenge made me so mad. I felt as I had no control over my body and slapped her right across the cheek. She held her face in shock. Her eyes never left mine. A tear fell down her face, yet she was trying to hold them back. Her dad busted through the door. He saw his daughter naked crying on the bed with me standing over her and he got angry. He charged at me but I was able to move in time. He crashed against the wall as I ran out the bedroom door and bout knocked down Mrs. Fransto. I was able to avoid her as she rushed in the bedroom to check on her family.

I left out the back door where the three men from last night was hanging out. They spotted me and instantly began to mess with me. "Oh...look what we have here, where you off in a hurry?" they said throwing me to the ground. I got back up totally ignoring them and trying to just walk away and leave but they weren't going to let me. Before I was on my feet they kicked me back down. I was able to get on my feet after a couple of times being knocked down. I got up and right as the skinny one went to knocked me down again I swung at him punching him right in the nose. He was knocked out before he hit the ground. The other two stared at me and then their unconscious friend and then back to me. The boss one drawled his gun again and before it was fully out someone came around the corner. 

He was another Mexican that most likely lived in the area. The good thing about him is he is a Crib, that bad thing is he drew his gun and aimed it at the guy pointing the gun at me. The fat one without the gun backed up. I wasn't able to move for which I had a gun locked on me. "Vamos a tomarlo con calma ahora." the one on my side said. Which meant lets take it easy or something along those lines. I only know little Spanish for the time I spent with David. 

"habla usted ingles?" The one pointing the gun at me said. It was clear to me what he said this time, he asked if he spoke English. The one not pointing the gun at me nodded.

"Okay, lets take it easy, amigo." He said. Then right after raised his gun at the one aiming at me and pulled the trigger. The bullet went right through his head. It worked I was saved, at least thats what I thought. The one aiming their gun at me had one last Brain spasm before falling. He shot the gun and then fell. His friend the fat one just took off, started to run away leaving his knocked out friend and his now dead friend behind. I thought it was over. I went to walk but felt a sharp stinging pain in my stomach. I looked down to see a red puddle spreading on my right side of my stomach. My mind couldn't comprehend it at first. I'd just been shot yet I couldn't seem to process it. Before I knew it I was falling to the ground. I didn't know what to do, was I to panic, be scared, cry? The world spins around me, the one Mexican one that helped me, ran to me and applied pressure on my gun shot wound. 

He pulled out a phone and called someone, I couldn't understand them, everything sounded so blurry to me. One thing I was for sure was he wasn't calling the paramedics. The skinny one began to wake up but the Mexican helping me didn't even give him a chance and shot him. I couldn't even react. I didn't know what to do. I attempted to move but the man helping me grab my head and forced me to look at him. "Don't move amigo, well get you help!" He said. I didn't move after that. Before I could do anything else I blacked out. I didn't want to die here. I was gonna die after sleeping with my best friends girlfriend. Maybe this is what I deserve? After that I don't remember anything.

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