Chapter 6

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I woke up but this time Kyle wasn't cooking breakfast, he was sitting at my feet watching the news. He looked paranoid as if he was expecting something bad. The T-shirt I'd wrapped around his arm to stop the bleeding was still tied to his arm and covered in blood. He had a giant bruise on the left side of his forehead were id hit him with the gun. His skin was pale so I could tell his lost some blood. I couldn't tell if he saw me or not but he just continued to stare at the TV. I got up and passed him heading to the bathroom. When heading to the bathroom I looked into his room and the pain pills that I had placed on his night stand were gone so I'm glad he took those. I used the bathroom and then looked in the mirror but bout jumped out my skin cause I thought I saw a monster. 

My lip was all bloody and busted up, nose was probably broken and bloody, head bleeding and bruised everywhere. I checked the medicine cabinet and found some bandages and alcohol. I patched myself up and went back in the living room. The TV was off and Kyle was sitting on the couch and was looking pretty stressed. He then stood up and went in the kitchen and got some water. "Whats wrong Kyle?"I asked grabbing his shoulder. He jumped a mile as he didn't even know I was there. "You good man?" I asked again as he calmed down and finished his water as he nodded. 

"Yeah sorry, just watched the news about yesterday." He said plopping himself on the couch. I sat down next to him.

"What did they say?"I asked.

"Nothing much, no witnesses luckily but they found my car but it was pretty beat up." He said lighting a joint. "No they didn't find my or your fingerprints somehow." He said leaning back on the couch.

"So we got away, that's a good thing isn't it, why are you sounding so sad about this?" I said.

"We killed a motherfucker yesterday." He said rubbing his head. What I didn't understand is how he even remembered anything from last night he was higher then a fucking plane. 

"No I killed a man last night all I remember I you getting high and passing out!" I said standing up. 

"Yeah but I was there I was a part of the crime." He said freaking out.

"That's right you were a god damn part of it, you fucking show up high and get me to kill a man and then after you just pass out and make me deal with the cops!" I yelled.

"Fuck you man you had a choice." He said relaxed on the couch. I was so pissed I wanted to grab the gun off the ground, load it and shoot him but I wasn't a killer. 

"Fuck you man." I said walking away.

"Where you going bitch!" He said laughing at me. 

"Out!" I said grabbing my jacket and leaving, slamming the door behind me. His neighbor from across the hall open the door to grab her papers out front her door. She stopped in place after seeing my face with the bandages and bruises on it. I walked of and out the building and started walking down the street not even knowing where I was going. I made it a couple blocks down the road and found myself in front of a gun store, it was called Ammu-Nation. I began to continue to walk but turned around and walked up the steps and entered the store. It was smaller on the inside and the walls were covered in guns and hunting materials. 

The man standing at the counter was just reading a magazine, gave me a wave and didn't even care about me. I looked around until a came upon a pistol. It was a M9 and it was cheap, so happen to be the cheapest gun in the store. I pulled out my wallet and placed the exact amount of money needed for the gun on the counter and bought the gun. He gave me two clips for it and I shoved them in my pockets and walked back home. Now thinking about it I couldn't remember why I bought the gun but if I had to try to remember I would say I bought it for protection. After that night before I was all paranoid about everything. I walked to our apartment and was stopped by a lady walking an old lady down the hall. She was weak and was struggling to walk the old lady and when she spotted me she didn't hesitate to asks me for help. My pockets weren't the best and the gun was barely visible with me shoving it in. I felt like I should of kept walking but as much as I was in a "mood" I couldn't just let her and this old women struggle to their destination. I put my arms around the elders shoulders and helped her walk. She was quit light but I could imagine she was pretty heavy for this girl that followed behind me, she was young, pretty, but small and I couldn't imagine her being able to lift over thirty pounds. 

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