Chapter 10

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I watched TV until I passed out. When I did pass the sun was already down. I had a dream that night, a bad one. It started out with me in Liberty city, then I was standing right in front of RJ and Drew. It was so good to see them again, in the dream they were with me, they didn't die, they lived and we were still in liberty city, I never moved. We ran around our neighborhood, laughing and just having fun as we used to. But then thing started to get all weird. We were driving down our road, but it seemed to go on for ever. The out side houses were gloomy and it was misty out. I seemed to notice it, I tried to say something but I was mute. On the other hand Drew and RJ were having fun, making jokes and talking up front. Then the car stopped, we all got out, yet I had no control over my body. We were at RJ's house. We walked in, I still couldn't say nothing.

Then I turned around and I teleported back on their front porch. RJ and drew weren't with me but I looked down and saw a gun in my hand. twelve shots were loaded in the magazine. Then Everything just got quiet. The neighborhood went away, into nothing. All that was left was me and RJ's house. I still had no control over my body. I then knocked on the door. I heard the tv blaring in the house so I knew someone was in there. Drew opened the door, I went to yell for help, yet nothing came out my mouth, I coldly say nothing. Drew looked up at me, fear in his eyes as I raise the gun and place it to his head. He doesn't move but RJ noticed. I tried to fight it, and fight it, and fight it but I couldn't budge. I suddenly pulled the trigger, killing Drew dead. My mind went blank, I had no emotion, yet my body continued on.

RJ, who had already ran off was no where to be seen. My body searched the room, smashing glass, and breaking furniture. It got quiet, it was like I went deaf. I couldn't hear anything, yet I was breaking furniture, making loud noises. Then I heard him, RJ was on the phone. Talking in a closet in the kitchen. I fought my body yet my body continued on toward the closet. Sadly I new what was to come next, I was gonna kill RJ. I smashed the weak wooden door open, knocking RJ over. He dropped the phone and I quickly crushed it. Then RJ sat in the corner of the degree and cried. I started crying too. I raised my gun, knowing what happens next I closed my eyes, yet I couldn't. I went to go pull the trigger but then I was shot in the leg. I fell to my knee but as I fell the environment changed. I was in a parking lot, big Tyron in front of me with his gold AK.

He then raised it to my head. I had control of my body this time, I could wiggle and squirm but I was being held down. I didn't stop there I wasn't gonna die now. But Big Tyron placed the end of the gun in between my eyes. Things went quiet for a sec, I couldn't think, move, speak. I did nothing. Then Big Tyron pulled the trigger and I was killed. I jumped up from the couch, in full sweat. I finally came to a realization that I just had a bad dream. I rubbed my eyes and plopped back on the couch in relief. "What a dream." I told myself as I got back up and checked the time. It was eleven thirty in the afternoon, so I went to the bathroom, took a shower and got ready for the day. I got into some clothe, then found a blue jacket in my case. Then I put it on and left my apartment. I walked down the road, into the "hood area" again. I stopped in front of the house Nikki was at the other night.

I turned into the yard and up the steps onto her porch. I rung the door bell and waited. A black women opened the door, it wasn't Nikki that for sure. I stepped up and said hi.

"You do know where you at white boy?" she asked. I looked around kinda confused.

"Why do I feel like I've heard that before?" I asked.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Is...Nikki here or do you know where I can find her?" I asked. She started laughing and then she just slammed the door on my face. I just stood there so confused. I finally just turned around and walked off the property. I turned and headed down the road for about two houses when seeing some familiar faces. It was Brian and David, on their porch again. I walked up to them. I wasn't very confident on doing this but I felt like it was about time I learned what was going on. As I walked up Brian and David stared me down. They didn't appear to not want me being there but at the same time who knows with these people. I walked up the steps and stood in front of them. "Hey guys." I said waiting for a response.

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