Chapter 27

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I ended up falling asleep in my cell, for which the prison went on lockdown after my bicker with Killur and James. I was woke up by an officer who tapped on my bars to wake me up. "C'mon, detective is waiting for you." he said opening my door. I followed him down the cell block. When getting closer to Killur and James cell I began to get nervous. The officer walked by and I followed close behind if anything happened. When passing, I looked into the cell to see it empty. The officer noticed me looking and chuckled. "Oh those two, their most likely in solitary confinement." he said taking me out the cell block and lead me down the hallway to the room that the detective's been having me sit in. When getting there, there was the regular reporters and recorders, and the detective sitting in the chair, drinking some water. I was cuffed to the table again. The detective, without saying a word, gave me a nod to tell me to start. I cleared my throat and took a sip of water that was provided for me. 

I woke up the next morning to a knock on my door. I rushed out of bed to answer it. I opened the door to see Nikki standing there. She wore a tank top, with a jacket over and some jeans. She let herself in and I let her get comfortable as I used the bathroom and freshen up. After cleaning up I made my way back to the living room, where Nikki was. She was laid back on my couch and had her phone out and was playing on it.  I made my way over to her and climbed on top of her. I kissed her whilst she peered up at me. "What are you doing here this fine morning?" I asked kissing her again. 

"Well I was checking on you." She said. I got up and headed to the kitchen. She followed close behind me. I went to reach up on in the cabinet but Nikki jumped up and beat me to it. She grabbed what I was attempting to retrieve. "No, let me take care of you, sit your ass down and ill make you breakfast." Nikki said as she basically pushed me back to the couch. I sat back and relaxed as she made me a bowl of cereal. She sat next to me and didn't give me the bowl. She the got a scoop of cereal and inched the spoon closer to my mouth. She was hand feeding me the cereal. I of course could feed myself, I wasn't that injured. I went along with it and let Nikki take care of me. I ate every bite she fed me and let her do my dishes. She wanted to do them, I didn't ask her but I wasn't gonna stop her either. She then came back to the couch and cuddled with me. After awhile I noticed her creeping her hand closer to my crotch. 

"Im gonna just stop you there!" The detective stopped me. "I told you to skip all that shit Turtle! its not helping us to what we want!" he yelled banging the table. 

"Damn...skip the good parts of my story then." I said taking another drink of water. 

After we had sex she got up and kissed me good bye and walked to the front door. "If you just wanted to have sex, then you could've just asked." I said. She turned to me and opened my door.

"It's more fun this way." she said with a smile and left, closing the door behind her. I then went on to get ready to head over to Brians and hang for a bit but I thought it be the best if I called first . I picked up my phone and called him. He picked up and before I could even say hey, he interrupted me. "Yeah its a no go, I'm quite busy today with Juana!" he said quickly and hung up. I then threw my phone down and sat on the couch. Everyone I know is being lame today. What was I supposed to do. These are the days I hate, the ones I run out of things to do and have nothing to do but sit around and do nothing.

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