Chapter 1

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Running out of breath I stopped in the middle of the street and adjusted the strap of the duffle bag full of money on my shoulder. Suddenly a hand was placed on my shoulder and I looked up to see Killur a good friend of mine trying to push me to keep running because if we were to stop for a second the cops would catch up to us. Up ahead Vic held up his AK and started to randomly fire from the hip toward the cop cruiser rushing down the road toward us. Killur and I began running, catching up with Vic and we all got running again. Our duffle bags full of money were sliding off our shoulders so it slowed us down when we had to adjust them back every step we took. Our other friend by the name of Cotton was supposed to pick us up in a helicopter on top of a three story building down the road from were we were, but we were trying to get there so we could make a hasty escape but there was no sign of him. We made it to the building and still there was no sign of Cotton. Police were starting to close in on us and we didn't have the time nor ammo to fight them off. We stopped in the street catching our breath and hoped Cotton was showing up soon.

"Were the fuck is Cotton!" Yelled Killur as he looked up at the skies hoping to see him but looking down to see three police cars turning the corner and stopping in front of us. Without saying a word Vic unleashed the rest of his clip of his AK at the cops that showed up killing three of them. After running out of bullets he backed up. The surviving three cops, one was injured got out of the cars and aimed their guns at us and giving us our final warning to put our guns down. Killur took his AK and quickly shot at the cops ignoring their warnings. He killed two and shot the other causing him to fall to the ground in pain. Killer was very good with guns and and was a good shot too. Not realizing he didn't kill the last one he lowered his gun. He turned and nodded at us. We went to do a final check of the sky for Cotton but was interrupted by more cop cruisers showing up because the injured cop that Killur didn't kill, called for back up before bleeding out. With Vic out of ammo and Killur almost out and with me only having a Uzi that I fired a couple times earlier at security guard at the bank, we were low on ammo.

"Over here!" I yelled pointing at the alley of the three story building. We all hurried to the alley. Killur ran in first then Vic while I backed up slowly toward the alley spraying the Uzi at the cops. I ran out of bullets and dropped it and ran to catch up with the others. I don't think I hit any cops but it was a big enough distraction for me to run. I caught up to the others and they were stopped by a wall for which this alley didn't have another exit so we were trapped. There was a fire exit leading up the building but it led to the other side of the building which would put us off course. "No we got to stay on course!" I yelled at Killur as he attempted to climb the fire escape. He jumped of the ladder and walked up to me.

"You got a better idea, the plan is busted, its either up here or out with the cops!" He yelled as we all looked up to hear the cops talking about planing to close in on us.

"Goddammit Cotton!" I yelled handing my duffle bag to Vic as he nodded and threw it up the fire escape along with his own and jumped up on the ladder. "I'll cover your guys escape." I said to Killur. He reached behind his back and pulled out his pistol with a purple paint over it and handed it to me. I took it and cocked it making sure it was ready to fire.

"As soon as you run out of bullets you get your ass up here and catch up with us, got it." He said beginning to climb the ladder. Vic helped Killur up and the quickly hustled up the fire escape. I pulled out a dumpster in front of me for cover. I looked up to see Vic and Killur made it to the roof of the building and when I looked down cops were already rushing in the alley. I took my time and killed each cop as they ran in trying not to miss because my ammo was limited. After I killed three only having to fire four shots they started to shoot back at me. I took cover behind the dumpster avoiding getting shot. I blind fired twice over the dumpster to cover my self. When the cops stop shooting just to reload I popped up from behind the dumpster and killed a couple more. They started to shoot again so I took cover again which also gave me a chance to check my ammo. I had five shots left and the cops seemed to just keep coming. There was no way I would be able to make it to the ladder of the fire escape with them shooting at me like this. I took a deep breath realizing I might die or if I get lucky and get arrested. I took more deep breath as I was about to fire my last couple bullets.

Before I did Killur came out of nowhere and took cover next to me. He didn't have his duffle bag so I just assumed Vic had it and was getting away. Killur did have his AK so I knew he came back here to help. "What are you doing here!" I said. He took his clip out of his gun and checked how many bullets he had left.

"Saving your ass!" He said placing the clip back into the AK. "Thirteen shots, you?" He asked peeking his head up to check for the cops. He had to quickly pop back down for which as soon as he did they shot at him.

"Five!" I yelled looking over at Killur. He nodded at me as I did a final check over the dumpster to count the cops. There were more cops than we had ammo so we were pretty much screwed. Knowing Killur he wasn't going out without a fight and there's no way we were gonna make it to the ladder and if we did there's no way we would be able to get up it. I looked over at Killur and he looked back at me and nodded. "One, two, three!" I said as we both jumped up at began to fire at the cops. Killur wasn't missing a shot for which he killed four cops as the poked there head around the corner. Me on the other hand wasn't such a good shot and I ran out of bullets only killing two officers. Our final stand lasted about ten seconds before we both ran out of bullets. Swat began to move in and they were equipped with carbine rifles and above a police helicopter flew in putting spot light on us. Running out of options I was ready to run but when I looked over at Killur he looked back at me and then back at the swat units rushing into the alley and puts his hands up.

I couldn't believe it, even in a time like these where we were out of options I'd never think that Killur would surrender. At the same time I didn't think it would work, they were definitely gonna shoot to kill us now. The swat and police surrounded us and I guess I had no choice so I put my hands up too. When the swat aimed there guns I expected them to shoot us. They didn't and instead they let us surrender as they ran up and put handcuffs on us as the rest kept there guns aimed on us. They kicked are guns that were out of ammo out of the way and body searched us. They found a knife on Killer and they also found his dog tags. I had nothing else on me but my phone and a few dollars in my pocket. They were finished with the body search and began to take us to the cars. While all this was happening I stared at Killur expecting him to do something bad ass like he does but he just had a blank stare like he was disappointed and allowed this all to happen.

"Vic should of got away with the money Turtle, calm down." Killur said smiling at me. The cop walking him quieted him as they started to take us separate ways. Before we were fully separated Killur's grin turned to a frown when we spotted Vic being put in the back of a cruiser by a cop for which he was already arrested. He didn't have the money but I assumed the cops just took it away already. This was all a big failure and one of my biggest ones and I couldn't help but feel like it was my fault. I was put in the back of a swat van and when they opened the doors to put me in the back I saw Cotton as he was already arrested. He gave me a look that made him look like he felt disappointed as we all did to see this heist go to shit. But I was surprised to see that Junior my son wasn't anywhere. Out of all of us I expected him to get caught. At the same time he was my son so I was happy not to see him arrested. The engine of the car started and the vehicle started moving. We were off to jail and this is where my life of crime was over. I just wish it didn't have to end for the rest of the gang.

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