Chapter 35

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March 26 1997, a few months later since Brian and I robbed that bank and got away from it. My life has been calm lately. Well it depends on your definition of calm. Life has been easier since we last left off. My gun shot wound had completely healed leaving nothing but a scar. I had moved out of my apartment and fully moved in with Nikki. I called Kyle and informed him and I'm sure he's relieved to not have to pay for my apartment anymore. Nikki roommate had moved out and moved to vice city I believe. I could care less, just as long as she's gone. Brian and my friendship has completely recovered since that little feud we had after I slept with his girlfriend, and got into a small fight with him. A lot of people wish I stay clear of Brian, as if he was the one to blame for the start of our feud. The truth is, if I didn't let my dick do the talking and didn't sleep with his girl then none of this would happen. Of course besides the fact she was letting other men touch her sexually in exchange for who knows what.

It just so happens the same men were responsible for shooting me. I don't trust Juana, Brian's girlfriend. Some how, even after all that had happened between Juana and Brian, they still are still together and have a stronger relationship then before. I thought surely after Brian began to hit her that would end it. Well their relationship did end for quite some time. Almost a month of them taking some time away for a while was enough for Brian to crawl back to her and apologize like a peasant to a king. Now they're back together and Juana has Brian wrapped around her finger. Well I guess I cant complain too much. After Nikki dumped me I did the same thing. I begged Nikki to take me back, yet Nikki always plays hard to get and always gets want she wants. It took me getting shot for her to even consider being around me. Now were together and I don't plan on letting her go for a very long time.

Having all the money you could dream of has been great. I've helped Nikki pay off some debts that she needed pay and it didn't even put a dent in the money. I now pay the bills in the house. Nikki still works at the strip club even if I could pay for anything she wanted for probably the next two years. I of course I still have to gang bang for Big Tyron. I guess you can say I ranked up in the gang. That's how Brian put it. Apparently now I am more trusted and can go o bigger jobs for more pay then before. Yet all I do now is drug deals. Yep I went to the bank robber to a drug dealer. To me that sounds like a down grade but according to everyone else its a rank up. Well I got to say, it has its perks. The pay is better then what I used to make. I make almost a grand just from one job. That being added on to the money form the bank is a lot. In all my life I never knew I would be in a gang. I also never thought that gang would make me rich. But this rank up also has its downfalls. I don't get paid if a job goes wrong.

If the product I'm selling gets stolen or destroyed in any way I have to pay for it. Its a rarity the job goes wrong. I haven't failed a job for over a month. With Brian with me, nothing goes wrong now. The jobs are easy, pick up the supply from a Crib in a randomly selected location and then head to the meet up where we make the interaction and go our separate ways. I drop off the money at the factory and get my pay and go home. They usually are as long as an hour. It all depends on the location and traffic. The longest job I've had was an hour and fifty two minutes. The only reason it took almost two hours was because our buyer was late. Another good thing about this job is I'm not killing people everyday. Brian and I pack heat just incase but I've never has a incident where I had to draw my gun. I haven't shot a gun for almost four month. Brian on the other hand just killed a man last week for trying to jack our shit when we stopped at a red light. He walked up and aimed the tiny snubbed nose Smith and Wesson at Brian who was in the passenger side of the car.

Brian didn't even blink before drawing his gun and putting the man down where he stood. I sped off and continued with the job. Life was better then it use to be. I might sell drugs but I didn't do them any more. The worse I do is smoke dope. Al least I'm not snorting coke and injecting heroin in my body.

"Good for were rich and a drug dealer for the Cribs now." The detective said interrupting the story.

 "Hmm?" I said. We were in the same place where we last left off. It was only four thirty now, only a half an hour after where we last left off.

"Just saying, good for you. Its not every day I hear a bank robber continue gangbanging after getting all that money." The detective said.

"Well its not like I could just leave, Big Tyron wouldn't let me."

"Then how did you get out of the gang?" He asked.

"Well if you let me continue we'll get to it." I said.

"Let me guess you have to continue where you left off?" He said.

"Its almost as if your starting to understand me." I joked. With that I continued. I woke up, the sun was shinning though the window. I opened my eyes and looked over at the alarm clock on the bedside table. it was eight in the morning. I rolled over and noticed that Nikki wasn't in bed. I sat up slowly and stretched. I got up and put on a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. I stepped into the bedroom bathroom and got freshened up. I walked out of the room and headed to the living room. Looking over I saw Nikki standing in the kitchen making herself a PB and J. I walked up to her and leaned down and kissed her. Her belly was beginning to get bigger. I hugged her from behind as she finished her sandwich.

"Wait what?" The detective said interrupting me again.

"I said I hugged her as she finished making her sandwich." I said.

"No before that, you said her belly was getting bigger. Was she pregnant?" He asked/

"Oh...yes, she was going a little over a month." I said.

"Was she pregnant with Junior Ward, your son?" he asked pulling out a file.

"Uh...yes." I said a little confused in his sudden interest.

"Apple don't fall to far from the tree." He said. "Multiple grand theft auto's, robberies. First arrest, fifteen for gang banging and having possession of drugs, in Liberty City." He went on. "Second arrest age twenty one, the same day as you were for breaking an entry with a George Harrison a Brit also known as Cotton. Both had possession of weapons without licenses." He finished as he closed the folder.

"Okay...and?" I asked.

"Nothing...I guess you wont be winning father of the year anytime soon." He said and leaned back in his chair. "Continue when ready." He said. I did as he said. After I sat down and relaxed with Nikki for a while I got a text from T-dog. The text was to inform me there was another job for me to do and they wanted to see me and Brian to get the drug personally. Confused I texted him back to inform him I was on my way.

"Another job?" Nikki asked as she sat up from laying on me.

"Yeah...I'll be back later." I said as I stood up and gave her a kiss. I called Brian on my way out the door and headed to my car.

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