Chapter 17

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Waking up the next morning I struggled to find the motivation to get up off my bed. Eventually I did step off my bed and into the bathroom where I did my business and studied myself in the mirror. After that I ate breakfast, smoked a blunt and called Brian. Brian, who sounded as he just woke up, answered the phone. I explained to him I was on my way and hanged up the phone. After leaving I drove slower then usual to his house. Before I left I of course checked the whiteboard and studied what we were planning on doing today. I decided we should steal the car off the Reds territory today, and it should be easy. Pulling up to Brian house, Brian was sitting on his porch waiting on me. He stood up and walked to my car and got in. There was a minute of silence between us as I sat there in front of his house. I then drove off and we continued to not speak. Then as I pulled up to a stop light I looked over at Brian. "You ready?" I ask.

"By, "ready" do you mean, ready as in to listen or ready as in to waste another person and have a hard time sleeping?" he responded. I was quit shocked at his response. I didn't know how to respond to that so I just went to the next thing. 

"We'll be headed in some Red's turf and trust me thats not even the worse." I said turning the corner and approaching the beginning of Red's turf. "We need to steal there Comet out of a lot." I said. Brian nodded as we pulled up to the spot. "Okay...ready?" I said placing my hand on the door handle scanning the area. The car could be seen from where we were and Reds drinking and smoking over by it too. Brian nodded at me once more and we stepped out the vehicle. Waling through the alley into the lot I handed Brian his gun, for which I forgot to give back yesterday. It wasn't reloaded so I didn't know how many bullets he had left. It was only a revolver  and he shot like three yesterday so I would assume he only had three. I had my M9 as regular and was ready to draw it and start shooting when suddenly someone pulled up in a car on the opposite side of the lot. Brian and I laid back to see what was going on. The car didn't stay for long and the driver rolled his window down. 

We were a far enough distance away for us not to be able to hear what they're saying but when the driver rolled his window up and then the remaining Red's filled up the car and sped away. There was only about four guys after the car left. I guess they couldn't fit so they just stayed behind. Again I was ready to turn the corner and shoot them up and steal the car when one tapped another and all four of them walking inside the building they were next to. The lot was now empty and the Comet was ours for the taking. We put our guns back and ran over to the car. I attempted to open the door but sure enough it was locked. I looked around to see what to do and then I just raised my arm and went to smash the window. "Wait!" Brian yelled, stopping me. I looked up. "If you do that the car alarm will go off and then what then, every Red in the area will come running." He said. "If you give me a minute I can get the door open. He switched places with me, and started working on the door why I kept watch. 

"I got it!" Brian yelled as he pulled on the door handle and the door cracked open. As soon as the door opened the car's alarm went off. Brian closed the door attempting to make it stop but it kept going. We started panicking, I was yelling at Brain, telling him to turn it off but there was nothing he could do. I then stepped in and opened the door and popped the hood, I then turned of the car through that way and closed the hood. I closed the hood to see a guy holding a Ak47u to Brian head. I then went to draw my gun and felt the metal of a barrel of a gun touch the back of my head as well. He pulled back the hammer of his gun as they had Brian get to his knee, as they took his gun and threw it away.

"Your a long way from home Crib." He said shoving me to my knees. They wore hoods, and bandanas to cover there faces so we didn't get good looks at them. I haven't got to look at the guy behind me yet but I was guessing he was doing the same. "So...what are two scum bag Cribs doing in our territory, trying to steal my cars?" He said. I didn't respond as he frisked me and took my gun and threw it away too. I then was threw to the ground by the guy. He then leaned over me and shoved the gun in my face. I got to see him now, he was a black male, who appeared a bit older then me. He wore a bandana too so I couldn't see his face. "Answer me nigga!" He yelled, pushing the gun to my forehead. I then reacted by grabbing the gun and pulling him down. He fell and lost grip of the gun. I pulled it away from him as he recovered back to his feet. I looked up to see two of his guys raised their guns to me. I reacted quickly and raised mine and shot before they did. I gunned one down that was over Brian and went to shoot then other one but he beat me to it. He had a fully automatic so he started spaying toward me.

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