Chapter 8

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It was a very quiet drive back to the factory. The only noise that could be herd was Brian unloading the magazines in the guns and placing the new ones in the guns and the old ones in a bag. I did notice that David peeked at me through the mirror of the car, he'd stop after noticing i'd spotted him. That nervous feeling came back to me after driving down a road that we didn't the first time we pulled into the factory. We past the turn off onto the parking lot and kept driving along the main road of the factory. We parked behind some shipping containers. We didn't get out, I unbuckled my seatbelt and was about to get out but saw that David or Brian moved so I sat back in my seat and waited.

After about three minutes of waiting, the black guy from the office trailer before knocked on my window. I looked over and he opened my door. I stepped out and he closed the door behind me and pointed over by a lamp post and signaled me to walk over there. He didn't follow me but he turned around and leaned over the driver seat door to David. I couldn't hear what they were saying but they were talking. The man looked over at me and then back at David and David gave him a nod, he nodded back and David drove off with Brian. The man turned to me and walked over. He stood in front of me and just stood there.

"Names T-dog." He said. I stood there acting stupid. He didn't take to kind to that. "Listen you did good so I herd so congragulations your in." He continued.

"Im in?" I asked looking confused. He turned and started walking the opposite direction from me. He stopped for a sec and twirled around to face me about four feet away from me and said "Big Timmy's gonna wanna see you so get yo ass to his trailer tomorrow around five." Then turned again and left me in the empty dark light, under the lamp post. Confused I pulled out my phone which had a giant crack through the screen, must of happened early today. I wanted to call a cap but my phone wouldn't turn on so I had to walk. It was a quiet, cold night but luckily I was wearing a jacket so that helped. The only problem was I had no clue where I was, I just kept walking, hoping I'd find my way home.

After around a half hour of walking I finally saw the neighborhood from earlier today down the road. I wanted to run toward it I was so relieved to see a familiar place. I walked fast down the road with my hood up to hide my face. There wasn't very much people out like before but the ones out were smoking or just listening to music on their porch. I came open David's car parked out front a house, I assumed was his. I walked fast past the house, I didn't want to be noticed here. I walked for another minute or two before stopping because there was some arguing up ahead. I went to check it out, and was pretty surprised to see what it was. I came upon a light skinned girl with black hair walking fast out a house while another girl yelled out the door from the house. I walked up and noticed the light skinned girl was the girl from yesterday. She turned and yelled back "But it's what I do, don't hate bitch!" And turned back and sat on the curb. I waited for the tension to calm down before walking up to her.

Before walking up to her the other women slammed the door and now it was quiet through the street. I walked up to the girl and said hi. She looked up at me and I saw she was crying. I didn't know what to do so I looked around and realized I couldn't just leave her here like this. I sat my self next to her. " Hey, hey what's all this about." I said. She whipped her tears and looked up at me.

" I know you?" She asked.

"Yeah, we some what met two days ago." I said.

"Yeah I remember, wait what are you doing here, I mean I can tell you ain't from around "here"." She said smiling. Chuckling I explained I lived down the way in a small apartment building. "Yeah you okay, well I mean...did you kill him." She said getting serious out of nowhere. I was confused because now from today, I've killed two people here. "Darrel, the man from last night you fought... he died yesterday, someone came, and fucked him up, that bastard deserves it, but they brutalized him." She said.

"Well...who do you think did it, because I didn't do it." I said lying to her.

"Makes sense, your white..." She said, smirking.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I laughed at the racist joke. We stood up and she hugged me. I didn't expect it but I Hugged her back. We then stood quiet for a sec. " the way."

"Nikki." She said and she thanked me for cheering her up and we went our separate ways. After all that happened today, finally something good happened. I walked the rest of the way home and entered the building. I looked down at my jeans and noticed blood drops on them. I panicked, thoughts ran through my head: has anyone saw, is it mine, if not who's. I rushed up too the apartment, changed clothes. I calmed down and poured me some whiskey left by Kyle. I sat and turned on the tv and drank my whiskey. The news were talking about the barber shop. I missed the story but the we're talking about the two dead victims on scene. One a Davis Jones, which was the barber shop owner.

The other one, which I killed, was unknown. They couldn't find any information on him, all they found was some guns that had no codes to trace them back or anything. They only found some dog tags that read Switch. That assumed it was a nick name but for now that what they would call him until further notice. I got extreme anxiety because this man had dog tags, does that mean he was military. Did I kill a military soldier, or a past one, was he important? I asked this to myself all night. I tried to drown the anxiety with whiskey but I ran out, now I was just drunk. I layer on the couch and laid right in a nasty spill, whatever it was on the couch. I was way to drunk to care and passed out.

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