Chapter 18

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I woke up the next morning as I would like any. Did my regular routine of eating something for breakfast and then getting cleaned up and dressed for the day. It was super early this morning tho, it was around six am and looking out the windows, rows of traffic were lined in the streets. In liberty city for being as busy of a city it was was never this loud this early. It was gonna take some time getting used to but it was fine. I walked over to the white board that was in its same spot it was placed and looked over it. We had the car crossed off, the suits done, and looking at the last objective got me thinking. The objective was to interrupt a daily police truck that delivered guns and whatever else in it and steal the guns. I mean sure, its guns and all but we have guns, in what possible reason do we need to steal police guns. What is Big Tyron trying to do get us arrested or killed. I then needed some explaining so I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number T-dog gave me on the white board. T-dog answered with a quick hello.

"listen, its..." I began but was cut off.

"I know its you Junior get on with it." T-dog snapped at me.

"Well I was calling about the guns." I said.

"So you got them or is there something wrong and you guys can't do it." T-dog jumped to conclusions.

"What? no, no T, I just got some questions." I said.

"Shoot, make it snappy Junior I don't have the time for this." T-dog answered sounding paranoid. 

"I just wanted to know why we are stealing from the police?" I said. 

"Dear god, man do you no listen when I talked on the phone with you, man." T-dog said in his horribly bad grammar ways he said things. "I said you stealing guns from Reds but the five o activity is high there." he continued. "Don't get caught out there Junior, bye." he said before hanging up the phone. I placed my phone down and corrected my mistake. Is it possible that I dozed out and wasn't listening when he told me this the first time. I mean I could of swore that T-dog said something about a police van. Besides that makes our job easier but at the same time, more difficult. After finishing the board I called Brian and told him I was on my way. By the time I arrived at his house it was seven am. Pulling in front of his house I noticed a car parked outside Brian house. I didn't knows who's car it was so I grabbed my gun from my car and rushed to his porch. I looked through the window with the gun concealed for now. Looking through the window I couldn't see anything. 

I then went to go open the door and saw the door wasn't fully closed, it was cracked opened. Nervously I entered the house checked his downstairs. There was some half eaten food on his kitchen table but Brian was nowhere to be found. I then herd a Brian voice from upstairs I ran over to the staircase to listen again. Then I could hear Brian say stop and then some roughing around from his room. I thought he was in trouble so I drew my gun and  cautiously walked up the stairs trying to not make a sound. His bedroom door was cracked to and it sounded like two people were fighting in there. I quickly rushed to the door and kicked it wide open. I held my gun high and what I saw I was surprised. I saw a familiar face siting on top of Brian in his bed. She let out a scream had she rolled off Brian and used his blankets to cover her nude body. I put my gun down after realizing that I just caught Brian having sex. I stepped out and closed the door behind me. The girl so happened to be David's little sister from the other day. I never thought Brian and her was together. 

Brian exited his room in underwear. He leaned up against his wall that I was doing the same. He let out a sigh and turned to me. "Your a dickhead you know that." he said to me. "You could of knocked and why'd you have your gun out?" 

"I thought you were in trouble, I mean look at it my perspective, mysterious car outside, front door opened, and mysterious sounds coming from your bedroom." I said realizing I could of maybe done this scenario different now that I thought about it. 

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