Chapter 12

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I woke up on a couch, yet it wasn't my couch. I looked around and noticed I was David's house. Davide lived in a small joint housing area a couple blocks away from the factory of the Cribs. I found his bathroom and got freshened up. Looking in the mirror I saw some bruises on my face. I had a killer headache and no memory of what I did last night. Then the bathroom door swung open. I young, teenager I beleived stood in the doorway of the bathroom with nothing but a towel. I averted my eyes and also covered them up. She then started to walk in almost completely ignoring me. I uncovered my eyes but looked the opposite direction of her. Looking in the mirror in front of me I saw she dropped her towel and got in the tub like I wasn't in there. My Spanish wasn't good but Ive hanged around David for a while, picking up some of his language. I wanted to apologize for me being in here. 

"Uh...Lo siento, no quise estar aquí." I said, attempting to say I'm sorry for being in here, well I thought I was at least. 

"Your Spanish is shit" she said from behind the curtain of the tub, turning on the shower. I laughed and so did she. I then grabbed my stuff out the bathroom and left. I closed the door behind me and turned almost bumping into David. 

"What are you doing talking to me hermana?" he asked. 

"Oh that was your sister, I'm sorry she just walked in when I was in there." I responded. He didn't seem to care I was in there with her, yet it was his sister. He cared more I talked to her. We walked to his living room and at down. Brian out of nowhere popped out from behind the kitchen counter. He suddenly waved around a snubbed nose revolver. Looking at him crazy he snapped back to reality and rubbed his face. He came and joined us on the couch. "Man what happened last night?" I said. Brian shrugged but David remembered. 

"We killed some Reds on our turf man, the we all got drunk and robbed a gas station up the road amigos." he said, short but simple. I rubbed my eyes kind of remembering. 

"So I must of got these bruises from the Reds right?" I asked.

"Nah amigo you tripped and fell down and hot your face on a car homy." he said busting out laughing. Brian chuckled. I got up said my goodbyes and headed out. I got in my car I bought, it was a small four-door but it was new and ran great. I drove down the road and pulled in the strip club. Nikki was surprisingly out side where I usually parked. She got in my passenger seat not saying a word, hiding her face. I turned of my car but she shook her head and asked if we could leave. Of course I had to ask what was wrong. She refused to tell me. 

"Nikki, whats wrong?" I asked she continued to hide her face from me. "Nikki what going on?" I said grabbing her arm. She then jumped out of her seat and turned to me.

"Nothing! now lets go!" she yelled. Turning to me revealed a bruise on her cheek. She knew I saw it and she started to grab my arm. 

"Who?"I asked calmly. "Who?" I tried in a different tone. "Who Nikki!" I yelled almost forced to raise my voice. Scared she backed away and told me.

"Some Reds inside." She murmured to herself. I got out the car and Nikki quickly followed. She grabbed my arm once more and tried to hold me back. I jerked my arm off her grip and walked in, Im a regular here so the bouncer doesn't really care about me just walking in. Nikki followed close behind me knowing she couldn't stop me. I walked in and saw a group of Reds wearing freaks in the corner. "That one." she said pointing at the one sitting directly in the corner. I approached them and the saw me coming so they all stared me down. 

"Yo safe zone homy." One African American said sitting on the outside of the booth. He stood up as did another when I still continued to approach them. The one I was after took out his phone. 

"It takes one call home boy, just walk away." he said.

"You hit her you son of a bitch." I said clenching my fist as Nikki hide behind me. The guy chuckled at me and put his phone away. He gave the two guys a look and they exited the booth and walked outside, I followed. We walked over to their car, one pulled a gun on me while the guy I was after turned and pushed me. Nikki screamed already worried I was gonna get my ass handed to me. I stood up, waiting to see what was next. 

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