Chapter 20

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July 3, a little over a week since we last left off. Things haven't been so good in the past week too. Ive been taking my breakup with Nikki somewhat hard. We were only dating, a little over a week but in that time I've became pretty attached to Nikki and to lose her like this sucks. Ive been hanging around my apartment watching TV and chilling around in the time too. Good news tho, my name has been cleaned up. Big Tyron found some guy to frame the shooting at the strip club on and the cops actually bought it and arrested him. I was aloud to walk the streets freely now. Ive been avoiding the strip club knowing Nikki's there. Ive been hanging with Brian a lot too. We were both still waiting to finally do this so called heist that we've been prepared for, for weeks and its yet to come. Other than all that happening my life hasn't been too bad.

I was currently sitting in my car outside the strip club. Today, I was gonna talk to Nikki again and try to talk things over. I finished my joint and threw it out the window as I saw Nikki exit the club. I quickly stepped out of the car and approached her. She saw me coming and instantly stopped me. She turned to me and placed her finger in my direction. 

"Stop right there Junior, don't come any closer! She said from a distance. Ignoring her threat, I continued my way over to her. She didn't do anything to stop me either, as I expected. I finally got about a foot away from her.  She stood there in disappointment that I didn't leave her alone. "What do you want Junior I thought I said were done?" She said attempting to make as less eye contact with me as possible. She also stood there with her arms crossed but struggled to keep a stern face. She was still beautiful as ever. She wore her trench coat over her t-shirt and short shorts. 

"Nikki...I..." I started but she cut me off. 

"Don't, Junior, I know what your gonna try to do and I won't let you waste your time for the fact that the answers no." She snapped at me. I mean it was obvious I was here to apologize and attempt to get back together with her but she could of least let me talk. 

"Come on Nikki, give me a chance." I said taking another step toward her. She looked up at me and made eye contact with me. I could see she missed me just from the way she looked at me. She loosened her tightly crossed arms a little. After she noticed that she'd been staring at me she looked away from me.

"Your a killer...a murderer, I can't be with you..." She struggled to say knowing she wanted to be with me but also thought I was bad and she shouldn't. 

"No Nikki...I've changed and, and my names been cleared, I'm off the hook." I said, as I stepped  toward her again. She looked up at me again and then pushed me back from her. 

"But you killed does men!" she yelled loudly. I looked around to see if anyone was staring and luckily no one was. 

"Shhh...Nikki please, you got to understand, that man was a bad man, he'd gladly disrespect a women like you for his pleasure and its not like anyone was gonna do anything about it, so it best be me." I said regaining my distance from her. 

"But you didn't have to kill them." She said turning away from me. 

"So what if I didn't...lets just say I beat the shit out of him and he begs and promises the he would leave you alone. You honestly think he'd keep that promise, even if he left you alone, he'd most likely go on to another girl and do the exact thing he would do to you." I explained. She shook her head in disbelief. 

", maybe but what if?" She said. She then started to walk off leaving me alone in the parking lot. Realizing I failed to get her back today I dropped my head and returned to my car. I then made my way to Brian's house. I ended up listening to some beats and taking the long way to his house for which I needed some time to think. When I finally made it to his house I noticed Juana's car parked out front his house. I then walked up to the porch. I went to go knock on the door because you never know what they might of been doing. As I went to knock the door opened and Juana rushed out not looking where she was going. She bumped into me and she bout fell a but I caught her. I had to catch her so I had to wrap my arms around her. When I pulled her back up our faces became about inches away from each other. It was awkward but at the same time it wasn't like we were pulling away from each other. Finally I broke the moment with a laugh. 

"Hehe...sorry about that." I said letting go of her waste and she stepped back from me, letting out a awkward giggle too. 

"No, thank you, I could of fell there." she said as she wave to Brian, who was sitting on his couch, off and left. I stepped in the house and closed the door behind me to joined Brian who was playing video games. 

"What was that about?" he asked pausing his racing game to greet me. 

"What was what?" I asked sitting next to him. 

"That thing with Juana...that stare what was that about?" He asked. I could tell he was trying to see if I was making eyes at his girl but trust me I had no intensions of that. The only thing that confused me is when Brian asked me that question he sounded as if he was more curious then mad. To be honest I didn't know what that was with Juana, but lets just hope it doesn't happen again.

"I don't know." I said connecting my controller and joining in on his video game. We played video games for a bit, talked and drank until I finally left. When I stepped outside, the sun had already gone down, yet it wasn't too late in the night. I got in my car and drove home. I went inside and then went to bed after checking social media and played on my phone for a bit. The next couple of days were like this too. I'd attempt to talk to Nikki which most of the time shed blow me off and ignore me. A week later and still no progress. Brian and I were starting to get anxious for this heist. I mean what could be taking so long. What are we waiting for. Why can't we just walk in and hold the bank up and get paid you know? But until then we'd just have to wait. 

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