Chapter 16

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The rest of the day consisted of me resting, watching videos on my phone and sleeping. I woke up the next morning and was more awake then ever. I already knew today was about to be a busy day. I ate breakfast and then called Brian. It sounds as if he just woke up when I called. I told him I was on my way. I hung up the phone and got ready to head out to go pick up Brian. I opened my door and then my phone rang. I answered it and to my surprise it was T-dog. 

"Listen Junior you see that empty space on the board?" He said as I looked over at the board at the corner where there wasn't anything written. 

"Yeah I see it." I said closing my door and walking over to the board.

"I need you to write this." He said as I pulled out a marker and began writing what he told me. It had something to do with the heist of course but it was just more things I had to collect before we could rob the bank. IT was a small but big list of things. There was guns, from cops, uniforms from janitors, I mean what the heck were we supposed to do with those. We have guns why would we need the ones that were on list. I studied over the board one lat time before I left, looking what I wanted to do first. I decided we should get the easy out of the way first, so I decided on the janitor uniforms. I then left my apartment and headed over to Brian's. When I pulled up in my new car that I jacked from my a car lot this morning, Brian was siting on his porch. He walked up and hopped in my car. We did our handshake and pulled off. The janitor's we were stealing from were doing there regular job at a gas station and we were to interrupt them, jack them for there uniform and kill them so they don't talk. 

I wasn't very comfortable killing some innocent's just for there uniform, but if it means I ain't going to jail I'll guess it has to be done. As we drove to the spot I briefed Brian on the job. He agreed with it and was more ready and looked to have more motivation then me in this situation. I didn't want to ask why because with him like this, just might make things go faster. I pulled into the gas station and pulled into one of the pumps and acted as If we were pumping gas. Which we were at the same time, as I need to fill the car up anyway. Brian spotted them around back before I did and decided to go on without me. I then realized he left and went to go find him. I turned the corner in time to see him shoot one of the employees. He fell dead before the other two noticed what was going on. I then basically tackled Brian and disarmed him. The other two had nowhere to run because the back of the gas station was an alley that led to a dead end. I then used the gun to hold the guys hostage as Brian got back to his feet. 

"Listen I'm sorry about your friend but I promise it wasn't supposed to be like this." I said has I pulled them to there knees. One was young, probably younger then Brian and the other was old. The one dead looked to be middle aged. 

"What the fuck! Kill these bastards!" Brian yelled at me. I then realized why Brian was acting this way, he had to be cooped up on something, this was definitely not the Brian I knew. "You said we had to anyway!" He yelled again approaching me.

"Shut the fuck up Brian, keep your voice down!" I said has I tried to keep the janitors restrained. 

"Please mister...this doesn't have to end this way." The older man said, calmly as he was trying to talk his way out of this. 

"Lister mister, all I want is your uniforms nothing more." I said pacifically emphasizing the nothing more to Brian. He looked pissed at me. 

"Well do what you want just don't hurt us." the older man said standing up and removing his uniform. The younger one did as well. He handed both the uniforms to me and I told them to turn around to face the wall.

"Were going to leave now...stay turned around until were gone okay." I said keeping the gun on them just in case they tried anything. When we were a good distance away I handed Brian his gun back, as I thought he would understand we done here. I began to walk back to the car not realizing Brian wasn't following me. The I turned to see why just to see Brian living the gun the men. I dropped the clothe and tried to run to stop him but I was too late he pulled the trigger and shot the older man in the back of the head. He then shot another at the younger boy but it was at the same time I was tackling Brian again so it didn't hit the boy in the head but instead hit him in the back. I know he didn't die but there was snow a chance he was gonna bleed out now. I then dragged Brian in the car and took his gun away form him for good now. God damnit, its like the more you try to keep people alive the more they die. I ran over to check the young man and when I did he was still in the same position the the ground.

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