Chapter 19

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I woke up, late in the afternoon the following morning. I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes and then got up. I did my daily routine of getting dressed for the day and other things. When I was done I made my way to my kitchen. I then noticed the chips of wood from the demolished white board covering my kitchen floor. I then did my best to not to step on any debris. I then accidentally kicked a crushed can of beer on my kitchen floor too. Memories from yesterday flashed in my mind as I leaned onto my counter. I laid my head in regret and then made me some breakfast as I thought. I was in some deep shit and most likely theres no way out of it so I was forced to wait till something happens. I ate my breakfast and then cleaned up the mess on my kitchen floor. I sat on my couch as I checked some social media to see what the word around the street was at the moment. Scrolling down I then saw a post by some nobody guy. He posted this "Just survived shooting." with a picture of himself in front of cops in front of the strip club. Seeing it made me think of Nikki. 

I bowed my head in regret again. What was I going to do about that now? I kept scrolling through and there wasn't that much being said about it that involves any detail so I assumed I was safe so I then put my phone down and sat in silence and thought what to do next. I then picked up my phone again and dialed Nikki's number. I then sat there, hesitant to call. I then took a breath and then pressed the call button and sat nervously on edge as I tapped my foot as it started to ring. I then was on the edge of my couch. After about thirty seconds it brought me to a voice box. I let out a sigh in disappointment. I then went on to say this, "Hey...Nikki...It's me as you probably know, I just wanted to talk, and I know you most likely don't want to...but..." I didn't know what to say beyond this point so I finished my message, "Please me." I said as I hung up and then threw my phone down and sat back on my couch again. I laid my head back and sat around for almost a half an hour doing nothing for which there was nothing to do, I couldn't really go on the streets right now Im suppose to be on the low. Ive never been on "the low" before so I just assumed the best was to stay home.

Then my phone went off. I checked who it was and it was Brian. He texted me, "You tight Junior?" I then began to text back, "No, not really." I also went to tell him about the event and he pretty much already knew tho. Words been going around the hood and some people are extremely angry right now. I broke a rule and rule breakers need punished, was the word on the streets right now. I thanked Brian for the info and went along to resting again. About an hour of checking social media and sitting around I finally got bored to the point I started to get ready to step out for a couple when my phone rang. I picked up and before I could say anything Big Tyron voice could be herd on the other end. 

"Junior my probably already know what this calls are about so Ill cut to the chase, come to the factory, lets get this over with." Big Tyron said and then hung up the phone without me even getting a word in. I then once again threw my phone down on my couch and stepped out of the building. I slowly walked out of my apartment and hopped in my car. Driving through Crib territory I felt everyones eyes on me as I drove by. There was a oddly strange number of Cribs out today, they were all walking toward the factory. All of them wore our colors and stared me down as I pulled in. Parking in the parking lot I got out. By then a huge crowd of blue formed a circle around me and the door to Big Tyron's door. One Crib approached me and told me to wait by my car. I did willingly, confused on what was going on. It was obvious this was for me and it definitely wasn't gonna be a good thing for me either. Then the door of the office trailer swung open. Than Big Tyron stepped out and of it and slowly approached me with T-dog trailing behind him. 

" pains me to do this to such a new member so soon into his recruitment, fucked up, and its time to get punished." Big Tyron said as two Cribs randomly out of the crowd snatched me and forced me to my knees. "Ive herd the stories and you know what Junior?" He continued waiting for me to listen. "I know what happened and I respect you for fact I don't want to do this...but theres rules...and believe it or not I have them too, so..." He said then turning to the crowd and then out of no where turned and quickly jabbed me in the nose. It hurt for which he was wearing rings on both his hands. I dropped my head as blood ran out of my nose and dripped onto the concrete below. Big Tyron took a few steps back and raised his hands to the crowd. "Was that enough?!" He yelled to them. The crowd of Cribs yelled and shouted back "No" and "Give it to him Tyron!" He then let out a laugh and ran over to me and gave me a soccer kick to the gut. It knocked the wind out of me and I gasped for air as I fell back for which at the same time I was kicked the two Cribs holding me let me go, letting me fly back.  Big Tyron then began to kick me as I was on the ground in pain. 

I received many kicks to the face and ribs which extremely hurt for which Big Tyron was currently wearing steal toe boots. He let up a bit and gave me some time to soak in the pain. I held the areas where it hurt most and rolled on the ground. Its been a good while since i've been beat up, I almost forgot the feeling of getting my ass kicked everyday. The two Cribs picked me up again and dangled me In front of Big Tyron as he got the crowds confirmation and approval. Big Tyron then ran over to me and I sat there and didn't even tense up for the hit for how beat up and weak I already was from the ass woopin I've already gotten. He then gave me one good right hook to my jaw which knocked me out. I don't even remember hitting the ground. I woke up on a bed, it wasn't mine tho. Looking around I noticed a random Crib stood in the corner on his phone. "Hey?" I said as the pain finally caught up to me after speaking. My ribs where all bandaged up and my face had stitches on the cheek. The pain was as if I was still getting kicked. 

"I wouldn't move to much." The random Crib said in the corner. "You need some of these pain killers?" he said as he got me a few pills from the bottle and a glass of water with it. I took the pills and sat back in the bed. "You got your ass kicked for protecting your girlfriend?...Thats bullshit if you ask me." He said returning to the seat in the corner. 

"Yeah...I'm definitely paying for it aren't I?" I joked.

"Yep and dawg, jackets over there and your free to leave when ever you want." He said throwing me my car keys. "Cars out front." He finished then went back to his phone. I got up from the bed and then made my way out after grabbing my jacket. I got in the car and started it up. The rumbling of the car starting hurt my ribs but I fought through it and started to drive home as the sun began to fall. Diving down the road I spot Nikki walking down the opposite way home. I turn the car around and pull over next to her. I roll down my window as she walks by. 

"Nikki!" I said as she looked over at me and then continued to walk. I put my car in park and hopped out of it and caught up with her. "Nikki?" I asked again as she shrugged me off again. "Nikki come on." I said grabbing her hand as she tried to walk off. 

"Fuck off me Junior!" She said retracting her arm and finally turning to me. 

"Why haven't you've been answering my calls?" I said.

"Fuck you Junior, you know damn well what you did." She said back.

"What I did?...Protect you...oh my bad." I said as I step up to her.

"Your a fucking murderer." She said as she turn and began to walk away dropping her head, looking as if she was gonna cry. 

"Nikki...I'm sorry come on." I said following her. She kept walking so I followed for a bit. "Nikki!" I said trying to stop her. 

"Were done Junior, go home." she said and walked off. 

"Were done? What does that mean!" I said stopping and shouting to her. She didn't respond, leaving me there in the sidewalk alone. I slowly walked back to the car and got back in it. I sat on the side of the road staring into space, thinking to myself. I then placed my head on the steering wheel and pouted. I finally got back up and started my car and went home. If I knew any better I think Nikki just broke up with me. I said I was sorry did I not? I went home, smoked, drank and fell asleep for the night. This day has been absolute shit and I guess it was my fault and I probably deserve it. I can't wait to see how these next couple days go by now.

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