Chapter 21

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I woke up the next day, like always, and did my morning routine like always. I got me a bowl of cereal. I watched TV and checked social media for a while before finally stepping out. When I did I decided to go back to Brian's house when I was all done with everything at my apartment. I finished up eating and watching TV and put my blue jacket on and opened my door. I did a pat down of my pockets for which I felt like I was forgetting something major. I couldn't think what it was yet I could of swore it might of been important. After sitting in my doorway for a couple of minutes trying to think as I scanned my apartment to see if I could think of anything but nothing came up so I just shrugged and left my apartment closing the door behind me. 

I drove to Brian's house which upon arriving I could tell that Juana was here. I understand they're a thing now and its natural for a couple to hang out and stuff but Juana spends most of her day at Brian's house. It's almost as if she lives there. Which I've had this conversation before with Brian about how Juana should just move in, and how she practically lives there now already. Yet every time Brian responds with the same answer. "I just don't think I'm ready for that next step of the relationship." Which to me is annoying for which how much different could it be from now. The only different would be she sleeps there, which I should say that she's stayed over night at Brian's multiple times. I'm sure I could argue with Brian all day about how their relationship should go. I guess its just not my place to tell two young lovers how to love when I'm having my own problems with my girl. Yes I've been referring to Nikki as "my girl" even if we broke up.

Sure go ahead call me attached, or obsessed because to be honest, I just might be. Its sad if you think about it. I can't seem to get over her. I've still be attempting to talk to her when I get a chance, its crazy. I wonder how Brian and Juana's relationship goes when no ones looking. They're young too, Brian's nineteen and Juana's eighteen. It might have something to do with it, I mean I'm twenty one and Nikki's nineteen. "I could probably go on all day about how relationships go and don't go, yet I guess thats not why your here is it." I said, snapping back to reality. The detective sat in his chair, leaned back with the cigarette in his mouth, which was almost gone. I looked at the clock on the wall checking what time it was. Looking around, some reporters were gone and replaced with new ones. 

"Junior?" the detective said grabbing my attention. I looked up at him confirming I was listening. "You've seem to have told us every detail so far, its clear we all got nothing better to do but to sit around and here your life story so please...continue." the detective said, not sarcastic. The words that came out sounded as if they should of been said sarcastically yet he sounded sincere instead. 

"Uh...was that sarcasm?" I said. Most of the people recording me, stopped and took a small break for which I wasn't telling the story as of right now. 

"No...I want to here everything you got to tell me, so if you must tell us every detail you must, then go head." He said sitting up in his chair and pulling up his sleeve, checking the time. "Oh...wait...never mind, it looks like were done for today." He said putting files and documents in a suitcase and stood up. The recorders and reporters did the same and all left. The detective pressed a button on his phone on the desk and three officers came in and un cuffed me from the table and cuffed my hands behind my back. 

"Wait whats going on?" I said as they began to escort me out.

"Were all tired, Mr. Ward...where gonna put you in a cell for now and we'll all rest and start again in the morning." he said as he followed us out of the interrogation room and walked the opposite way down the hall as I was taken away. I was taken to a room where I was changed into a jumpsuit and taken to a cell. I had to walk past all the other people being held in cells to get to mine. Walking down I spot Killur and James in a cell together. James sat far back in the corner on the bed and Killur was sitting on the bench across from James. They both looked so angry when they saw me for, which they both gave me a death stare as I was escorted past their cell. Killur stood up and walked slowly to the bars and continued to stare me down even after I was past their cell. I've been on the bad side of Killur before in my life and yet I never felt as threatened as I do now. I was scared I'll admit. 

I was put in a cell far down from the rest. I was alone in the cell for safety reasons I guess. I sat in my cell and thought for awhile. I thought how the past couple hours of my life had ruined so many things that I've worked so hard to build. I lost my two closest friends, and I'm telling a cop about my whole life of crime. I wondered to myself what would of happened if I'd just said no like Killur told me to say. I'd be in a prison right now. Yet look at me, I still ended up in a cell. It made me think about the reason I've done all this in the first place. I did this for a reason that I thought it was best for my child. And when I say child, I don't mean my son Junior, I mean my unborn. Its a long story that I will probably will end up telling in my story farther in the future of telling my life story. lets just say I was going through a hard time and I got lonely. I ended up impregnating a girl and two days later after getting the news, I robbed a bank and ended up in here.

You might be wondering why I would rob a bank knowing this could happen, and all thats on the line. Well I guess I don't know, like I said I was going through a hard time and I guess I wanted the money. Whatever the reason was, I screwed up and things are shit. I went to bed that night and was woke up by the detective banging on my bars the following morning. "Come on Junior, we got work to do." He said holding a cup of coffee. I got up and walked through the cells again. Looking over I noticed two familiar faces in a cell. They were Junior, my son and Cotton. They got brought here too, it seems. I continued looking in that direction I didn't notice I was walking by Killur and James cell. I was suddenly grabbed up by someone in a cell. The put me in a choke hold through the bars and pinned me against them. When my back slammed against the bars I noticed that the man grabbing me was Killur. He was squeezing me tight and I wasn't able to breathe. 

As I was being choked out Killur yelled in my ear. "God damn you Turtle! What did you tell them, Huh!" He yelled. James sat quietly in the corner as multiple other people being held yelled and screamed in their cells. Finally the guards broke Killur's grip and got me away from him. I fell to the ground gasping for air. When I got to my feet I held my neck for which it hurt. Killur fell back too and was staring me down as the guards rushed me out of the room. I was returned back to the interrogation room where the reporters and recorders had been waiting. I was sat down and cuffed back to the table. The detective sat down and drank his coffee. One reporter leaned up and said "you can continue when ever your ready Junior." I leaned back in my chair and relaxed. I had one hell of a story to tell them and it was gonna take a while so I might as well get comfortable. 

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