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H2OVanoss Psychotic Clown by Cam0rra
H2OVanoss Psychotic Clownby Zambi3
In which Delirious catches the BBS gangs attention for all the wrong reasons. Vanoss forces Delirious to help him and his gang get revenge on a ghost organisation. Throu...
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Slave Boys And Gangster Guys <A BBS FANFIC> by KaytiKitty
Slave Boys And Gangster Guys by Catty Kayt B.
Craig, Brock, Marcel, Jon, and Lui were kidnapped or sold into human trafficking. Once being bought by a gang they are treated horribly and have given up all hope. But w...
  • h2ovanoss
  • minicat
  • gtaau
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Criminal (Grand Theft Auto 5 Reader Insert) by losersquadunite
Criminal (Grand Theft Auto 5 QueenOfLosers
I Actually Love this Game, So I wanted to make this based off the Story Mode :) (Uh-Duh!) Your a Criminal Friends with Lamar and Franklin and you work For Simion Uteri...
  • chop
  • gtaxreader
  • franklinclinton
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talksy z mojego rp by ShinHigaku69
talksy z mojego rpby Ajato Psychopato
no kufa talksy z fajnego rp
  • ys
  • gta
  • yanderererererererererererererererererere
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Why Me? (Banana Bus Crew x Reader) by iOLushOi
Why Me? (Banana Bus Crew x Reader)by o L U S H o
Y/n is one of the most feared criminals out there...until she found out about the Banana Bus Crew. She thinks her purpose for doing the things she is tasked to do is unn...
  • youtube
  • daithidenogla
  • ohmwrecker
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Reappearances (Minicat) by LttleMisMyhemMker
Reappearances (Minicat)by The real world is a scary pla...
I came up with this idea when listening to 'Fight song' by Rachel Platten so it will somewhat go along with that song. I hope that all of you like it otherwise. ~~~~~~~~...
  • bus
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Is this reality or a game? || H2OVanoss by hello_bangtan_
Is this reality or a game? || Annyeonghaseyo
After playing with all of their friends, Delirious falls asleep and gets suck in GTA V. Also so does the rest of his friends. Including the guy he liked for a long time...
  • h20delirious
  • fanfic
  • gta
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Michael's secret daughter (A GTA 5 Franklin x Reader fanfiction.) by MollySxx
Michael's secret daughter (A GTA Molly <3
Meet Grace Smith. Michael DeSanta's long lost daughter. She moves to Los Santos on the hope of finding her father, but unexpectedly finds love instead.. - A Franklin Cli...
  • michaeltownley
  • clinton
  • phillips
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Rest for the Wicked (Minicat) by Unholy-Bacon
Rest for the Wicked (Minicat)by Vesper
It's been 3 years since Craig Thompson made a deal. 3 years that he has hated his way of life, hated what he had to do. It was a choice made with good intention, but the...
  • minicat
  • bbs
  • miniladd
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Gangsta Love(Eminem fanfic) by reloads
Gangsta Love(Eminem fanfic)by shania
Being in a big ass gang ain't as easy as it looks. Explicit motherfuckin Content
  • gangs
  • thuglife
  • gta
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Hood Love (Franklin X Reader GTA V story.) by MollySxx
Hood Love (Franklin X Reader GTA Molly <3
You have got yourself into a heap of trouble. Not only have you got a huge heist coming up, but you're falling for one of your crew members.. The mysterious Franklin Cli...
  • trevorphillips
  • rockstargames
  • storymode
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well GTA SA has alot of glitch which made players get distracted recording it as suddenly other people saws it and finds more glitch to post, well actually GTA SA was...
  • andreas
  • grand
  • auto
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The Third Bosak (Rainbow 6 Siege x Male Reader) by Blaszczu2500b
The Third Bosak (Rainbow 6 Siege Blaszczu2500
Y/N Bosak was always the black sheep of his family. His father was always trying to force to go into his footsteps and become a part of Grom but Y/N never wanted it. One...
  • siege
  • andreas
  • corruption
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Don't be afraid of the reaper (VANOSS CREW AND READER) by RobotReaper
Don't be afraid of the reaper ( RobotReaper
I'm a mistake. I'm dangerous, but don't be afraid of the reaper This is a GTAV au with you and the Vanoss crew And the gbg gang, but that's for later
  • sattelizergames
  • gbg
  • kryozgaming
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Misfits and Heroes of Los Santos ||EDITED|| by NotTooInsane
Misfits and Heroes of Los Santos | NotTooInsane
Deep in the city of Los Santos there was two groups, the Misfits and the Heroes. The bad and good. As both groups are caught up in their own battles they start to take n...
  • h20delirious
  • hurt
  • bbs
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Phoenix drop forever  by JuliaJeeves
Phoenix drop forever by JuliaJeeves
2 sisters end up having to fight for their lives to find their brother but will they succeeded?
  • songs
  • dogs
  • gta
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GTA V Preferences  by VoodooCursedCat
GTA V Preferences by VoodooCursedCat
This book is inspired by: galixyrox I just love the concept and wanted to create also a book about GTA V 😃. (this book is meant to be for girls, but boys don't be afra...
  • jamesdesanta
  • gta5
  • jimmydesanta
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Dating App. (Michael De Santa) by Sun_Flxwers
Dating App. (Michael De Santa)by GTA V is taking over
Michael tries out a dating app. Meeting someone interesting.
  • nedluke
  • michaelgta
  • fanfic
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PAPER PLANES by queen_hoya
PAPER PLANESby bithoejee
All her life, Taylor only wanted to be noticed and loved by everyone as much as they love her twin brother, Trim. She found that love to the most unexpected person she c...
  • michaeldesanta
  • gta5
  • franklinclinton
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Oczekiwania na GTA VI by Rafix0
Oczekiwania na GTA VIby Rafix
Oczekiwania na nową część rockstara jakie będzie miasto i główny bohater Prod. By Rafix...
  • gry
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