Chapter 26

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The rest of the day was normal. I watched TV and played on my phone. I ate supper and then went back to relaxing around the apartment. I of course went to bed not shortly after. I woke up in the morning around seven o'clock. I did my regular morning routine. I then called Nikki and she was on her way to work when I did. I talked to her until she had to leave. I always offer to drive her, yet she prefers to walk I guess. I then went on to call Brian. He was of course hanging with Juana. Going back to my point about them moving in together. Yet now I don't even want her around him. She claims to have nothing to do with me getting shot, yet she was just making deals and talking to the three, now dead assholes who did it. I don't know but after what she told me that morning about trying to get her "revenge" I don't trust her. Maybe she was kidding, maybe she was just trying to get me mad, but until I know more about it, I don't trust her. 

Brian had to hang up on me for which Juana was forcing him to cook breakfast or something, it left me alone to do nothing for a whole day. I attempted to relax and play on my phone and watch TV, but after a half hour I got pretty bored. I didn't have cable, so I only got news and documentary channels pretty much. I get entertained sometimes but its rare. I then went to take a shower and then eat some lunch. I sat back on the couch, smoked some and then tried to find something to do. I ended up stepping out, like I usually did when I was bored and out of things to do. I took a walk instead of driving. I walked for an hour in the chilly weather of los Santos and did some thinking why I did. I found my self walking on some Red territory. I wasn't wearing my blue jacket or anything that would represent me as a Crib but it deffiantly felt as everyone who looked at me already knew. I walked into a store where two Reds where suspiciously talking in the corner. 

It was a small corner market and it was run my some latino and his wife so it was pretty easy to do a cash and grab here. They went to walk up to the front counter while I stayed in the corner with my gun ready to be used, I was actually in there to buy me a cold refreshment to cool off from the hour walk I just did. I walked up to the front counter wear the two boys stood suspiciously as if they were about to do it. They looked young, like fifteen, sixteen young. I was thinking in my mind, how could they possibly be thinking about doing this. I began to stall time buy making small talk with the latino man behind the register. I also kept looking at the two kids out the corner of my eyes. "So hows business down here?" I said placing my drink on the counter. 

"Oh, well its been as good as it would of been anywhere." The latino said. Out the corner of my eye I say the taller kid lift his shirt revealing the handle of the gun. I handed the cash to the latino and waited to see if these kids were going to actually go through with it. They were young and black, knowing kids those ages they tend to act as if they have to make a name for themselves, well at least, thats how it was for them back at liberty City and all. The latino handed me my change and I picked up my drink. At that moment I saw the kid reach for the gun. He drew it out and went to aim it at the latino. I dropped my drink and pulled mine. I aimed it at the kid, little did he know I never took the safety off. The fear in the kids eyes, he knew he messed up right then and there. His friend stood paralyzed in fear watching me, then his friend, and then me again. The latino stood scared with his hands up behind the counter. 

"Drop it kid! your young, don't make me have to do something we all know we don't want to do!" I said. The one holding the gun still held a expression of fear, but attempted to talk tuff. 

"Oh yeah cracker! I'm hard! do it then bitch!" he yelled at me. His friend next to him who clearly didn't have a weapon, probably got talked into doing this by his friends, stood nervously. I turned to him keeping my gun aimed at the one holding the gun. 

"Is this how you wish to lose your friend?" I began but before I could finish he was already shaking his head. "Well unless he doesn't drop his gun and scram, then thats whats going to happen!" I yelled. The latino stood behind the counter, nervously and waited to see how this played out. 

"C'mon Jacob! drop it and lets go!" The kid I intimidated shook his friend and yelled. The kid holding the gun shook his head in disappointment and dropped the gun to the ground and ran with his friend out of the store. I then chuckled and placed my gun back in my waist. I turned to the latino who still held his hands up in fear. 

"Please, I'll give you what you want!" he said opening the cash register and taking out a handful of money.  I bent over and picked up my drink I bought and then the gun the kid dropped. I instantly figured out the gun was a fake gun painted to look real after picking it up and it being super light. I laughed and looked up at the latino. 

"Nah, keep it." I said walking out and going home. 

"Well aren't you mister goody two shoes!" The detective said breaking us back to reality. I always check the clock to see the time. We've been talking for around two hours now. I always get lost in the story I don't notice the reporters always changing out with others for breaks. 

"What are we stopping for?" I asked as the detective stood up and placed his things in the brief case. 

"Lunch Mr. Ward, we got to eat." he said pressing a button and shortly after two cops came and escorted me to the cafeteria of the place. It was a very weird prison. I found an open seat after getting food and sat down. My son Junior and Cotton made their way over to me. They sat across from me. My son Junior, as a loud mouth he is, talked first.

"So is it true? your ratting us out?" he said. 

"Shut up Junior." I said taking a bite out of whatever the slop was that was on the tray. 

"Yeah shut up Junior!" a voice from behind me called out. I turned to see who it was and James and Killur stood together behind me. Before I had time to react, James grabbed me by the collar and threw me to the ground. He began to punch me on the head. I was able to eventually throw him off me. I stood up and went to retaliate but Killur then put me in a choke hold and threw me back down on the ground. Killur then went to punch me as the entire cafeteria formed a circle around us, not letting cops get through. Killur punches way harder then normal people so each punch felt like three. Killur then reached in his pocket and pulled out a shank. I couldn't believe it, he was actually going to kill me right here right now. He raised it in the air to finish the job and kill me but luckily a officer shocked him with a taser before he did. Killur fell to the ground as he got electrocuted. Other officers controlled the crowd as another grabbed me and escorted me out of the mess hall. 

I was put back in my cell and locked up. I sat down on my bed and rubbed my face where it hurt the most. Killur hits like a truck and he hit me about five times. I then laid down and thought about things as I waited to see what was to happen next. 

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