Chapter 7

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It was quiet and weird sitting in the back of the car parked on the side of the road. We were panting and out of breath but both the Mexican and the young boy stared at me while the young man held the gun to my chest. He looked to be nineteen or maybe twenty defenetly not older then me and same said for the Mexican he looked to be maybe twenty. Finally after we all caught our breath the young boy finally broke the silence. "Who are You?" he yelled. I didn't answer but put my hands up in surrender. "I said who are you man?" he said a little calmer than before. 

"Im Junior, and I was just trying to walk I didn't mean to get involved with your territory battle." I said. 

"Wait, how he know we having a territory battle amigo?" The young Mexican said. 

"Yeah how'd you know you a cop?" the young boy said.

"No I'm just familiar with this kind of shit and ill just be leaving." I said scooting over to the door. 

" got experience with this stuff?" the young boy stopped me. I nodded and the the boy looked over and smiled at his Mexican friend. "Can you shoot?" he asked. 

"Yeah." I said. After that we drove off without saying a word. We started leaving the "hood" area and heading toward this factory over by a great body of water. We pulled in and started to drive slow. 

"Names Brian, this is David." Brian said. We pulled into a parking space in front of a office trailer. It was made for factory bosses so I wondered are we about to go talk to one. We all got out and David checked me for weapons.  

"Okay I know you confused amigo but just stay cool, comprende." David said. I stayed quiet as we all walked to the door. A sign was posted beside it saying all workers, fuck off. I was wondering if we should be here or not. Brian knocked on the door three times and stepped back and waited. I was so confused I started to get agitated. "Stop it man, its cool." David said. These guys didn't know me for all I know there taking me to my death I mean why am I here. After like thirty seconds standing in the fall weather some black guy wearing a tank top and had a holster with a pistol and a micro Uzi in his hands opened the door. Brian nodded at him and he nodded back and we walked in. The man stared me down, I stared back. Then we stood in a small room in front of a desk.

Behind the desk sat a big man, and by big I mean fat, he was black and he wore a tank top and he had dollars everywhere around him and and he also had a AK-47 laying on his desk and he was playing on a computer. He then looked up to see me. "What!" he yelled. He leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms. "Who's this?" he said pointing at me. Brian stepped up and spoke.

"This is Junior, and I think he would be good for us." He said. I stepped up now.

"What, this is what you brought me here for?" I said but when I spoke I could see out the corner of my eye the man behind me held his Uzi up at my head. I froze in fear. David stood back not wanting any part with of this. Brian turned back to the big guy. 

"Yeah, just give him a bout I take him out and we go do something for you and if he doesn't do good ill drop him dead and if he does good we bring him in?" Brian talked. 

"Okay one job." he said taking a piece of paper out of the desk and handed to Brian and we left. We got back in the car and David began to drive us out. Brian handed me a gun and I shoved it in my jacket pocket and we drove to a location that was on Brian's paper. It was quiet for the twenty minute drive down the road. Nobody said a word as we just zipped by cars, probably breaking the speed limit. Finally the car came to a complete stop in front of a barber shop and Brian handed me a mask, it was a clown mask from the carnival at the beach, i'd remember seeing it on a poster in the airport. 

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