Chapter 13

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Waking up I, found myself in my half empty living room. I got up and checked the time and it was around ten o'clock at night. I decided to use my new cell phone and check up on Nikki for which she should be out of work by now. She picked up the phone with a soft hello, as if I had woke her up. Hearing her voice gave me relief and I went ver and sat back down on the couch. 

"Hey its me...I just wanted to call you, did I wake you?" I said. The sound of her jumping up what sounded like her bed could be herd. 

"Oh my god, Junior are you ok?" her voice sounded out with a mix of panic and relief.

"Yeah, I fell asleep when I got home I'm sorry if you were worried." I softly said out, regretting not calling after the insolent to tell her I was alright. She must of thought I went out and got myself killed. She likes me, yet she doesn't like the fact that a nice boy like me could be running with such a hard, horrible gang which represents the opposite of nice. At the same time she made me promise as long as I stay safe, she won't much about me being the gang. Until earlier Ive been keeping that promise. If I hadn't got out of there with Brian I could be dead, or Brian. I talked to her for a little bit, just checking if she wasn't in any pain or hurt from earlier. I then thought on how I smashed that guys head in front of her. After we were done I leaned forward in my seat and just wish things could of been normal today. 

Knowing that I got up and ate something and sat back down and played on my phone, checking social media. Everything was about the same until I saw a post made by a Red. It stated this "ANYONE IN THE CRIB GANG, PREPARE TO PAY MOTHER FUCKERS!" and below it a picture of rows of dead Reds and another of a couple getting arrested. I then through my phone down next to me and did up some dishes. Its hard living a life like this knowing you not meant for it. When I was done I wanted to go to bed but then my phone went off. I quickly answered it and it was Brian. He needed me to come down to his place. I checked the time, it was already eleven. But after today made this was urgent so I put my blue jacket on and headed over.

When pulling up I already noticed the random car pulled up in front of his house. I got out quickly and saw a angry Mexican banging on his door. I walked up on the porch. When I got closer I saw the angry man with a wooden baseball bat. I approached him and said "Yo whats up?" He turned quickly and shoved me away. Not telling me whats going on he went back to knocking. Looking back at the car I saw the young teen from this morning who was David's sister. I understood now, so I went back up to him. "Listen Mr. Fransto." I said, Fransto was the last name of David. He turned at me.

"Listen fool, my son is dead because of this asshole, now move along and let me deal with him!" he yelled. Knowing that Mr. Fransto didn't know the truth or if he did I knew I wasn't gonna let Brian be beat up by some old Mexican prick who's just going through a hard time right now. At the same time I wasn't to do this as peacefully as possible I knew it might come down to if I have to fight him or not. 

"Listen your daughter is in the car now do you really want to do this?" I said grabbing his arm. He angrily turned and swung with the bat. Luckily I dodged it but he pushed me, sending me off the porch. I fell on my back and he came after me with the bat. I rolled over dodging the next swing he took at me. I got back to my feet and wrapped him up from behind him. I was a big guy so when he leaned forward it sent me in the air. I was now clinging on him with him struggling to get off him. Eventually he walked back fast running into the porch wall. I let go after that because it hurt to be smashed against the wall like that. I didn't fall but I was in pain when out of nowhere he swung at me again this time hitting me in the gut. I fell over on me knees and gasped for air. Then the front door opened and Brian came running out. Mr. Fransto gave up on me and went toward Brian. 

Brian stopped on the edge of his porch but Mr. Fransto kept coming. I quickly rushed to my feet and went up behind him. Without him noticing I grabbed the bat out his hands and when he found out he turned to me. I then smacked him in the jaw with the bat, knocking him out. He fell on Brian stairs and hit his head. Then a scream could be herd and the tiny fist could be felt hitting on my back. I turned to see Brian sister pushing me in the back with tears in her eyes. Brian walked down the stairs and wrapped up her and then they started to hug. While Brian was comforting her I ha dot check if her dad was alright. I kneeled over him and checked his pulse and everything and he checked out fine. I sat him up and he opened his eyes. I then calmly put my hand on hi shoulder and moved him against the wall so he sat up by himself. 

"Listen Mr. Fransto, there no need to be hostile, we can talk this out." I said. Tears ran down his face then. I had never seen a grown man cry like this before so I didn't know what to do.

"How did he die?" He asked whipping away tears. I looked over at Brian who was still comforting  Davids sister. He looked at me and nodded, telling me to tell him. I turned back to Mr. Fransto. 

"He got shot, I...I..." I studded my words. Not knowing what to say I just was true with him. "I could of saved him."  I continued, this grabbed the attention of Brian. "I saw the man who did it.I said looking over at Brian. "I could of shot him, I had time." I said.

"Junior..."Brian said.

"No! I could of shot him, and If I did David wouldn't be dead now!" I yelled. Mr. Fransto didn't know what to say he just sat there, tears ran down his face. I looked over at Brian. He looked angry at me. I thought I was doing the right thing telling the truth but now I feel like I should of just kept my mouth closed. Then clapping could be herd. All of us looking over we see a big figure in the middle of the sidewalk. As he stepped into the streetlight it revealed it was Big Tyron. He laughed as he stared us down. I stood to my feet, helping Mr. Fransto up to. Brian got up too and picked up Davids sister and then put her on her feet. I was a little surprised Brain was able to it looked as if she was eighteen or maybe younger and Brian wasn't that strong. 

"Mr. Fransto would you please leave me to talk to these fine fuckups!" he said walking closer to us. Mr. Fransto grabbed his daughter and they got in their car and left. Big Tyron gave them a little wave goodbye and then turned to us. "Now that was one hell of a confession Junior." he said now standing about a feet away from me. "Listen that was harsh, earlier and all, but you we did start something that might turn down a road where a lot of people die." He said. Both Brian and me just stood their confused. "God damn your slow, listen, since there isn't any good proof that Reds attacked first in a safe zone they are accusing us of attacking first in their territory...True or not they giving us a second chance." He said pacing back and force in the yard. 

"And what is that?" I said breaking the long silence of him just pacing.

"Well god damn Junior I'd thought you'd never ask, well since you did this is how, Since you guys played a bug, I mean big role in all this I think this task is best for you." He said smiling. "They said if we get a certain amount if money to them to pay for damages, funnels and wasted bullets, the retaliation is off." he paused "So you guys are gonna get that money." He said walking away. "Oh yeah! T-dogs already setting something up for y'all if you were wondering where to get it!" He said walking back into the darkness of the road. I turned to Brian and he was now confused as I was and then we both walked into his house and I slept on his couch while he slept on his bed. I was thinking before I fell asleep, why me, why us in general. T-dog had something to do with it too, so did Big Tyron why can't they do it. Any way what ever was about to happen, things were about to get intense.

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