Chapter 15

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I woke up the following morning with someone banging on my front door. Being that I just woke up I staggered my way to my door. Yawning, I lean over and take a peek through the peep hole and see Nikki standing at my door. I open the door and she rushes in. She looks nervous, as if she wishes to tell me something yet scared to. I close the door and walk over to the counter to make a pot of coffee. She stands quietly for a second before plopping herself on my couch. I walked over and sat next to her. She turned to me and grabbed my hand. She kind of got serious which made me think that what ever she was trying to tell me was serious. She stuttered repeatedly before she even started talking. I took my other hand and placed it on her hand that was already holding mine. She then jumped up from my couch letting go of my hands. "Listen Junior..." She began to say then was interrupted my another person knocking at my door. I wanted to just forget about the door because what Nikki was trying to tell me seemed super serious. 

I got up and told Nikki to wait a sec, then rushed over to the door. I again looked through the peep hole but this time saw nobody standing out there. I turned my door nob to open my door but before I was able to even get to crack my door it was kicked wide open. It slammed into my wall and probably put a hole in it, thats how hard it hit my wall. Before I had time to react I was smacked in the face by a stock of a gun which sent me flying backward. I fell right in front of Nikki who let out a quick scream when seeing me. I looked up to see a bunch of Cribs filling my living room. They left a small opening at my door way for the one and only Big Tyron to fit through. I swear for this man being just one of many lieutenants, they seemed to treat hi like a king. He walked in carrying his regular golden AK and behind him was T-dog. In my surprise he was dragging a man with a brown bag over his head.

T-dog through the man right next to me and bent over and removed the mask to reveal a beat up Brian. Big Tyron began laughing at the sight of us both on the ground. Nikki was escorted out by T-dog with out a word. I stood to my feet but was pushed back down by a Crib behind me. Brian got on his knees next to me at his own free will. Big Tyron then walked over and squatted next to me. He then placed his index and middle fingers right on my new open wound on my forehead. It hurt and I went to jerk my head back but two Cribs behind me held me still. I was forced to take the pain and let me tell you that it hurt. He stood back up and the two Cribs let me go. He rudely whipped his fingers that was covered with my blood on a random Crib that was standing next to him. "Alright!" He shouted and then then turned his gun where he was holding it by the barrel. He then swung it like a bat toward Brian, hitting him upside the head. Brian fell back as he wasn't knocked out but his head was spinning, you could tell. 

"Junior...Junior...Junior my boy." Big Tyron said handing his AK to T-dog and walking over to me. "I wanted you to know that I'm not doing this to punish you...But! Him on the other hand, well thats just because I wanted to." He said with a chuckle after. "I was just planning on calling you but I didn't want to have to deal with Brian's whinny ass not wanting to corporate." He said making crying motions toward Brian who was climbing back to his knees. "Now time to actually get to why I'm here, yes?" he said and then of course didn't wait for me to respond. "Good news, that job I was talking about is finally ready for you to and since it has t involve you robbing a bank, I want to call it a heist...ok, ok." he said as one Crib placed a white board on my kitchen counter with plans written on it. I got on my feet and helped Bryan too and this time didn't get forced back down. I walked over to the board to examine. "Well ill be in touch...T-dog?" he said waving goodbye and left my apartment, taking most of the Cribs with him. 

"Alright listen up." T-dog said walking over to the board where I was. Brian sat on my couch where the remaining four Cribs were by. "Your robbing one of the small low down Union Depository banks in the city." He said pointing at the picture of the bank we were robbing. "Your gonna need a vehicle , a fast one. He said pointing at another picture of this red sports car. 

"Wait its red, and isn't that Red's territory?" I asked pointing out the background of the photo taken. T-dog nodded.

"Yeah, you'll have to steal it from them, when you do you'll park t around the corner in a parking lot from the bank." he said Ponting at another picture with the parking lot in it. "From there you'll loss any cops that you may or may not have and drive back to the factory without any unnecessary attention and get your cut along with the title of the two who stopped another gang war from happening...sound good?" He said. Brian behind me stood up. 

"What if we refuse to do this heist." he asked. 

"Then Big Tyron will personally put a bullet in your head and find a new man to do it, now Brian I've known you for a while, and I know your not stupid enough to start acting like a jackass now." T-dog said and placed his hand on Brian's shoulder. T-dog waved at the rest of the Cribs and they all left. I went to my kitchen and grabbed Brian a beer and icepack. We both sat back on the couch and studied the white board they left behind with the plans. 

"You know your still to young for alcohol." I said as Brian was drinking the can I gave him. 

"Who gives a damn." He said as we both let out a little laugh. After studying the board for a bit I drove Brian home and then stopped by Nikki's. I walked up to the door and knocked. Nikki opened the door and before I could say hi she jumped on me and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and she practically dragged me inside. I sat on her couch and she sat next to me with a med kit in her hands. I forgot about the gash in my forehead, I guess it was still bleeding. While she was cleaning me up she began to ask me questions. 

"Are you okay?" She ask.

"Yeah w..."I began but interrupted by her.

"Why was he hitting you like that, what was Brian doing there?" She said as she placed a bandage on my head. 

"He's just a dick and Brian was there for somewhat of a meeting." I said but before I could say anything else she through another question at me. 

"Is he okay?" She asked setting the med kit aside.

"He's fine...Now for you." I said grabbing her hands. "What was it you were gonna tell me this morning?" I asked. Nikki got quiet as she acted as if she no longer wanted to ask me. 

"Forget about it Junior, I wasn't felling myself this morning but I'm okay now, and your okay now and I want us to stay okay together." She said. "I want you to leave the gang Junior." She said.

"I know, I know, and I will but at the moment I can't Nikki, I'm need to do something first." I said. 

"Promise me you'll leave after you get it done." She said being very serious. I couldn't promise something I didn't know for sure myself but I couldn't make her more worried then she already was for me so I lied to her. 

"Yes." I said as I said goodbye and left heading back to my house. I walked in and plopped on the couch. I stared at the white board some more. I studied it and again and again. I then pulled out my phone and called Brian. "We start tomorrow." I informed Brian. I didn't let Brian say anything and hung up the phone. I wanted to get this job done too as soon possible. The sooner the better right?

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