Chapter 25

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I woke up the next morning with Nikki still cuddled up atop of me. I didn't wish to wake her so I laid on the couch silently for a bit. I looked down to see a red spot of blood on my shirt where my wound was. I was worried that I did something wrong and tore the stitches, so I quickly lifted my shirt. Under, was my blood stained bandages. I unwrapped the first couple of layers to see if I was alright. I was fine, the bleeding stopped, yet I still had a disgusting wound on my stomach. I wrapped it back up and rolled my shirt down and continued laying there. My phone then began to ring, breaking the peaceful silence throughout Brian's house. I quickly reached for my pocket to shut it off. I answered it, ending the ringing but was too late, Nikki had already awoken. I placed the phone to my ear as Nikki sat up and stretched. 

"Is this Junior?" a unknown voice said on the other line. Nikki finished her stretch and laid back down and stared up at me with a smile. 

"Yeah, who's asking?" I said, smiling back at Nikki.

"Its Lenard, I'm the guy who was with the doctor yesterday." he said. Nikki straddled me trying to distract me from my call. She began to attempt to take the phone away from my ear. I fought back trying to talk to Lenard on the other end. 

"Yeah, okay, whatcha need?" I asked, finally beating Nikki and pinning her arms down so they could not move. She still struggled trying to break free. 

"How you feeling, I'm guessing you've notice the bandages, and how they've become pretty useless by now." he said. "Most likely you've bled through them, now don't panic, it was probably some blood still coming through from the surgery, unless the doctor did a half ass job patching you up, but if that was so, I wouldn't be talking with you right now." he carried on. "Anyway, we've sent someone early this morning to drop off a bag, inside this bag is some medical tape and some things to re patch your self. You weren't at home so we dropped it off at Brian's." He said. Nikki finally broke free and sat up instead of fighting. 

"Okay so, how do I patch myself up?" I said sitting up. Pain from my stomach shot through me. I played it off since Nikki was sitting next to me. 

"Well thats easy, take off the ones you have and throw them away, they're unless now. Then, clean up around the wound, then place one of those cloth looking thing and tape em down." He said quickly, it was hard to keep up with him. 

" that all?" I asked standing up and getting assistance from Nikki to take off my jacket for which I was having trouble doing it myself because of the pain. 

"Yes, and don't go around doing anything that might cause you to tear the stitches!" he said and then continued on to hang up the phone. I placed mine in my pocket again and threw my now, off jacket on the couch. "Good morning." I said, kissing Nikki as she kissed me back.

"Who was that?" She asked. 

"Lenard from the doctor place that helped me yesterday." I said starting to take off my shirt but before asking for help Nikki was already helping me get it over my arms and head. 

"What for?' she said folding my shirt and throwing it with my jacket. 

"To change this bandages." I said making notice to the nasty red stained bandages around my torso. 

"Oh, yeah, hoe you feeling?" She said, helping unwrap the bandages. 

"Not gonna lie, shitty." I said as I felt freedom,  getting those nasty bandages off. 

By now, Brian was making his way down the stairs and noticing us in the living room. 

"Good morning party folks." he said then looked at me and slapped me on the back. "How you feeling?" The slap on the back made me move and caused my injury to hurt even more. He saw my discomfort face and immediately apologized. I nodded him off and he saw Nikki taking my bandages off and ran in the kitchen and returned with a wet rag. 

"Thanks." Nikki said quickly and began cleaning dry blood from around my wound. 

"Wheres Juana?" I said.

"Asleep." he responded and plopped himself on the couch. Nikki finished cleaning me up and patching me up and we all sat back on the couch. Brian pulled out a joint and went to light it. I quickly snatched it out of his hand and also his lighter. I gave him a stern look, as he confusingly looked back at me. "Are you just now going to stop me from smoking?" he said. 

"No!" I said laughing as I placed the joint in my mouth and lit it. He laughed too thinking I was finally being a responsible adult now after letting him smoke weed and drink already. Nikki then went on to steal the joint out my mouth and into hers. We passed it around and chatted as we blew off some time in the day. Brian finally decide to get up and make everyone breakfast as Juana finally woke up. She came down the stairs and sniffed the air.

"It smells like weed in here." she said.

She met up with Brian and assisted him in cooking leaving me and Nikki again. I looked over at Nikki who was staring back up at me. 

"I still don't forgive you, you know?" She said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We might be back together, but lets not forget what you did, I'm still mad at you." she said.

"Well maybe put that in our past, forget about it." I said grabbing her hand.

"How can I ever forget that day, you murdered two men in cold blood, in front of me, as if it was nothing." she said snatching her hand back.

"Are you mad at me?" I said.

", yet...I don't know Junior, you make it hard for people to stay mad at you." She said as her smile appeared back on her face and she nuzzled my hair. We ate breakfast and finally Juana said it was about time for her to leave. I ended up asking to go with her, back to her house. She looked up at me, a concerned yet confusing expression fell upon her face. She said yes, almost unwillingly. I kissed Nikki goodbye as she left as well walking back to her house. To make everyone less weirded out on why I'd ask Juana to lat me go with her, I made up a lie saying she was dropping me off at home. Everyone believed me and I walked over to have a quick talk with Brian before I left. 

"I need your gun." I said quietly to Brian.

"What, why?" Brian said back.

"Just give it to me, I'll explain later." I said checking on Juana who was waiting patiently at the door. Brian gave me his smith and Wesson to me. I quickly opened the chamber to check on how many bullets it had. Brian had refilled it and it had all six bullets in it. I closed the chamber and stuffed it in my waist and left with Juana. Juana and I got in the car and she drove off. "Take me to your place." I said. 

"I thought I was taking you back to yours?" She said.

"No, go to yours." I said as she drove off, back to her place. When we got there my car was till parked in the parking lot. Juana parked and I got out. I didn't say goodbye to her because why would I." I walked over to a group of Mexicans, one of the faces in that group was familiar to me. I walked up to them as they all face me. The fat ass one looked at me and fear fell upon him. He was the same fat ass from yesterday. I approached them and drew my gun. The group scattered from me, as the fat ass froze in fear. I aimed the gun to the mans head. He fell to his knees and begged me to let him go. Before he begged again I pulled the trigger, splattering his brains on the concrete behind him. His body flopped to the ground as I made a hasty escape. I ran back to my car and drove out of there. I drove all the way back home. I don't regret doing that, not only was he one of the perverts that were messing with Juana, he was also one of the motherfuckers who shot me. 

I walked back in my house and it felt as if its been forever since I've been in it. I looked around and got comfortable. I sat back on my couch and pulled out my phone and played it on it for a bit. It felt good for things to be back to normal, even if getting shot changes a couple of things. 

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